Catelynn Lowell Gushes About Tyler Baltierra Post-Separation: I'm So Blessed!

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During the most recent season of Teen Mom OG, fans learned that Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra decided to separate for a month and live in different homes on a trial basis.

Tyler and Catelynn explained the separation as an effort to save their marriage -- but fans felt that it was the beginning of the end,

On Christmas Day, Catelynn took to Instagram to assure fans that all is well in her relationship with Tyler.

But is she offering an honest assessment of her marriage, or merely attempting to put the rumor mill to rest?

Take a look:

1. Better Days

Better Days
There was a time when Tyler and Catelynn were thought by many fans to be the most stable of all the couples in the Teen Mom franchise.

2. Tough Times

Tough Times
Catelynn and Tyler began to experience problems in their relationship after Cate suffered a miscarriage that resulted in a flare-up of a number of mental health issues.

3. Taking Action

Taking Action
After being diagnosed with PTSD, Catelynn checked into a rehab facility in Arizona.

4. Too Much?

Too Much?
Cate checked into the same facility multiple times in the course of a single year, a move that was criticized by some Teen Mom OG viewers.

5. Selfish Mom?

Selfish Mom?
Lowell was widely criticized for repeatedly leaving Tyler behind to raise the couple's daughter on his own.

6. Lacking Compassion?

Lacking Compassion?
The criticism became louder when Catelynn engaged in behaviors that many fans felt exhibited a lack of concern for Tyler's mental health issues.

7. The Spilt

The Spilt
And so, many TMOG fans were not surprised when it was revealed that Catelynn and Tyler had decided to separate.

8. The Arrangement

The Arrangement
Tyler and Cate agreed to live in separate homes for a period of 30 days as part of an effort to save their marriage.

9. The Beginning of the End?

The Beginning of the End?
Despite Tyler and Catelynn's stated goals, many fans theorized that the couple was headed for divorce.

10. Putting Rumors to Rest

Putting Rumors to Rest
Catelynn posted this photo on her Instagram page on Christmas Day, seemingly as a means of assuring fans that all is well in her relationship.

11. Reunited

"I love you so much [Tyler Baltierra], thanks for blessing me with three beautiful girls and choosing me as your wife," she captioned the pic.

12. #Blessed

"I’m truly blessed by you! I love you!" she added.

13. Cate's on Board

Cate's on Board
So Catelynn seems to be happy that she and Tyler are still trying to make their marriage work.

14. But How Does Tyler Feel?

But How Does Tyler Feel?
Many fans think Tyler is less enthused about the idea of remaining married.

15. Who Started It?

Who Started It?
After all, it appears that the separation was Tyler's idea to begin with.

16. A Youthful Romance

A Youthful Romance
"I think me and Cate got together super young, and we used each other as survival to drive through this life," Baltierra explained

17. Co-Dependency

"You just kind of lose who you are as an individual. Who am I if I'm not Catelynn's husband?” he added.

18. A New Addition

A New Addition
These days, Catelynn is pregnant with her third child.

19. A Firm Foundation?

A Firm Foundation?
Many fans believe Catelynn is hoping the baby will help her and Tyler to strengthen their relationship. But as many couples can attest -- new babies have also been known to have the opposite effect.

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