19 Reasons Why Bulldogs Are Awesome!

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Why are French Bulldogs so adorable? These videos provide the answer.

1. Bulldog Tries to Walk Great Dane

A mini bulldog tries to take a great dane for a walk in this video. Watch now to see the hilarious results.

2. Bulldog LOVES Carrots

This dog REALLY loves carrots. How do we know? Watch this awesome footage.

3. French Bulldog Dance Party!

It's a French Bulldog dance party! Come on, cute little baby, join in!

4. Bulldog Meets Baby

This puppy is meeting this baby for the first time. Safe to say the encounter is going well, huh?

5. Bulldog Makes Like T. Rex

This guy has inserted his Bulldog into a scene from Jurassic Park. It's rather amazing to behold.

6. Bulldog Meets Daughter for First Time

This English Bulldog is meeting his daughter for the first time. Yes, the introduction is as adorable as you'd imagine it to be.

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