20 Awesomely Hilarious Kid Spelling Mistakes

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HA! Check out this hilarious spelling mistakes made by kids around the nation.

1. She loves her what?!?

She loves her what?!?
The sentiment is very nice. And, hey, maybe the adjective is accurate. Who are we to judge?

2. But can he cook?

But can he cook?
Amazing. Even the drawing backs up the spelling error.

3. Does she know Walter White?

Does she know Walter White?
This explains why Sally has had such trouble sleeping recently.

4. Off to vagina!

Off to vagina!
Careful, kid. That's gonna be a wet and wild trip!

5. I want my own hores!

I want my own hores!
Who doesn't love to ride a hore? The faster, the better... right?

6. Buzz Lightyear FAIL!

Buzz Lightyear FAIL!
Well, our childhood is now ruined forever. Look at what one kid's misspelling did to this photo of Buzz Lightyear.

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