Briana DeJesus Claps Back at Devoin's Mom: Stop Spreading LIES About My Daughter! [Exclusive]

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Briana DeJesus is no stranger to baby daddy drama.

In fact, if the way her life is portrayed on Teen Mom 2 is at all accurate, not a week goes by in which Bri doesn't deal with some sort of BS from one or both of her daughters' fathers.

But this week, the situation escalated in a major way.

Even by her standards, this was bad. Just so messy. Put it this way, Teen Mom Nation: As far as we know, DeJesus has never been forced to deal with anything like this before.

Devoin Austin's mother, Charita, has officially entered the fray, and she's making bold claims about the way Bri and Devoin's dasughter is being treated on the Teen Mom 2 set.

The claims could have major repercussions for Briana's career and her custody arrangement, so it should come as no surprise that DeJesus has been quick to shoot them down.

And she has done so, to THG exclusively.

Scroll on for the whole story:

1. Back At It

Back At It
The feud between Briana DeJesus and Devoin Austin, the father of her oldest daughter, just reached a new level. And now, Devoin's mother, Charita Austin, has jumped into the fight.

2. The Feeling (Contempt) is Mutual

The Feeling (Contempt) is Mutual
If you're a card-carrying member of Teen Mom Nation, we probably don't need to tell you that Bri and Devoin are not exactly besties. They never have been, really. But especially not now. Not a lot of love lost, to put it mildly.

3. Nova In the Middle

Nova In the Middle
It's not just a matter of not liking one another. It's openly hostile, even publicly so. In fact, the parents of 9-year-old Nova are often openly contemptuous toward one another on social media.

4. Nova and Charita

Nova and Charita
Now, Devoin's mother, 50-year-old Charita Austin, has leveled some shocking accusations at both Briana and the producers of Teen Mom 2. And if her claims are accurate, they could change the way fans think about the popular reality show,

5. Scripted Drama?

Scripted Drama?
According to Charita, Nova is forced, by the producers of the MTV franchise, to recite lines in order to give Teen Mom viewers the impression that she's not close with her father.

6. The Truth Behind the Reality?

The Truth Behind the Reality?
“It's painful for me to watch Nova in the show now," Charita recently told UK celebrity gossip tabloid The Sun. “She has to try to remember her lines ... what the producers are telling her to say.

7. A Confused Victim?

A Confused Victim?
“If you watch some recent episodes you can see Nova struggling to understand what is happening," Charita continued.

8. Switching It Up?

Switching It Up?
"I saw her answer a question, and then had to change her answer to fit the script! It happened several times. Anyone watching saw that," Charita continues.

9. Caught In a Lie?

Caught In a Lie?
“In one episode, Briana was telling Nova ‘you’re going to your grandmother’s for the first time," Austin says. “That was talking about me but she has been to see me many times. I'm worried it's making her confused and anxious she is not close to her daddy's family."

10. An Unhealthy Arrangement?

An Unhealthy Arrangement?
“I wish that she wasn’t in the show, that she was left out of it now," Charita continues. While that sentiment could certainly be understood, given the scrutiny the show and its cast members are regularly exposed to, Briana takes issue with, well, just about everything Devoin's mom has to say.

11. Going Off

Going Off
In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Gossip, Briana has issued a reply to Charita's claims. And folks, it's a doozy ... DeJesus does not mince words. Not that she ever does, but especially not here.

12. Day-Drunk Devoin?

Day-Drunk Devoin?
"The fact that Charita - Devoin’s Mother - decided to run to the press to discuss MY daughter is completely abused, seeing as Devoin has been a delinquent father in Nova’s life (think getting day-drunk when he was supposed to be watching her the first time she stayed overnight with him, forgetting to pick her up as I showed in recent text messages, and multitudes of other situations I could go on and on with) and Charita hasn’t really been in Nova’s life at all," Bri began.

13. Sticking to the Matter at Hand

Sticking to the Matter at Hand
"But," she continued, "since Charita decided to run to the press, I’ll address her accusations." (We imagine Briana cracking her knuckles before unleashing the venom here.)

14. Just Dumb

Just Dumb
That allegation about MTV feeding Nova lines in order to make Devoin look bad? Bish please. "The idea that Teen Mom producers are confusing Nova to think she’s not close with Devoin or his family is just, simply, dumb. Nova is old enough to know when her Dad is messing up and not stepping up," Bri continued.

15. Making Her Case

Making Her Case
"Does Charita think kids are immune to that?" Briana asks, rhetorically. "Sure, what you see on Teen Mom 2 are glimpses of what happens, but I can assure you as Nova’s mother - yes, the parent who actually has taken care of Nova her entire life and been there for her through EVERY moment (which can’t be said for Devoin) - that is not true."

16. Like It Or Not!

Like It Or Not!
"That being said Nova is going to be a part of the show whether Charita likes it or not. And let’s be honest - if Charita and Devoin were being painted in the glorious light they so desire to be painted in (even though it’s clearly not deserving) they’d have no problem with the show," she added.

17. Lies and More Lies!

Lies and More Lies!
"Next, Charita claims Nova has to 'remember lines' for the show. Charita, what in the actual F--K are you talking about? Teen Mom 2 is a REALITY show. Of course the producers want us to DISCUSS certain situations, but there is NEVER a script or 'lines' to state. That is just completely false and defamatory," DeJesus continued.

18. A Non-Issue

A Non-Issue
"Then for Charita to claim she’s worried about what the other kids in Nova’s school will think of Nova being on Teen Mom 2. I can assure you that’s NEVER been an issue and if it was NOVA AND I would talk through it," DeJesus continued.

19. Good Point!

Good Point!
"It’s interesting Charita wants to paint herself as the 'worried' Grandmother when, unlike my Mother, she’s been 99.9% absent in Nova’s life," Bri went on. "If Charita was 'so concerned' about Nova during filming, why the hell did she SIT IN A GARAGE and refuse to come inside where she could have 'intervened' with what was going on?"

20. All About the Benjamins

All About the Benjamins
"She didn’t because she doesn’t care. What this comes down to is Charita is upset about the fact that Devoin is being exposed for who he is on the show AND Devoin still is feeling some type of way about money related to the show so they’re both going to seek to flip the script," she added.

21. Not Your Call, Charita!

Not Your Call, Charita!
"Then, for Charita to say she wishes Nova is no longer involved with the show? Charita, who died and made you legal guardian of my child? Nova’s involvement with Teen Mom 2 is up to me and, of course, to her. If Nova came to me and didn’t want to film the show I would not make her film the show," DeJesus continued.

22. Outright Lies

Outright Lies
"But what they’re saying just isn’t true. Speaking of let me address some of the other things they said... Charita claims we’re just creating drama for the show. Did we fake Devoin’s day-drinking? Have we faked him forgetting to pick Nova up? How is that “creating drama” for the show?" Bri asked.

23. Unscripted

"These are things that are happening in our real lives, Charita. Frankly, you couldn’t script that sh-t if you wanted to," she added.

24. Closing Argument

Closing Argument
"Finally, for Charita to attack my Mother and say she was “worried for Devoin” because of how my Mother behaved? You don’t think my Mother had a right to be angry, Charita? My mother has stood by my side through thick-and-thin and through ALL of Devoin’s bullshit to help me raise Nova into the beautiful, bright, amazing young girl she is. Where were you to offer support and help during all this time?"

25. Absentee Grandma

Absentee Grandma
"Oh, that’s right- much like Devoin, you were absent. Please stop riding our coattails to get attention and try to change the narrative that Devoin is something he isn’t," Briana continued.

26. The Truth Is Out!

The Truth Is Out!
The reality star dropped the mic with this closing salvo: "We ALL are well aware of who he is - good and bad - and for you to decide to do this interview to come at me and my family and try to paint Nova a some victim we are all “confusing” and “feeding lines” in order to create a TV show is straight up BS."

27. Deigning to Respond

Deigning to Respond
"Normally I wouldn’t even respond to something Charita said, but there are SO many FALSE and ridiculous and made up statements here I couldn’t help myself," DeJesus added.

28. Wishing Only the Best

Wishing Only the Best
"I pray for Charita and Devoin that they realize their shortcomings and step up to the plate. As Charita mentioned, Nova is getting older and I have ALWAYS welcomed for her to have a positive relationship with Devoin and his family. It is them - not us - that have made the choice for things to be the way they are."

29. Bright Future?

Bright Future?
Maybe things will turn around for Devoin and Charita. But that's up to them, she says. "Let’s see what the future holds. Sadly, I don’t remain optimistic based on the past, but I am always open to things getting better," Bri went on.

30. Last Words

Last Words
"However, interviews like the one Charita did obviously are not going to help shift things in the right direction," Briana concluded.

31. Boss Bri

Boss Bri
So there you have it, folks. Briana is as protective of her kids as ever before, and it seems she's happy to take out all threats, even when they come from within the family!

32. She's Got Claws

She's Got Claws
We wouldn't want to be the ones to come between this mother bear and her cubs. Let's just put it that way. You come at the queen, you best not miss.

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