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About midway through Matt James’ season, Katie Thurston was surprisingly sent home following what appeared to be a successful one-on-one date.

Katie’s dismissal came as a shock to viewers, not only because Matt had seemed to enjoy himself on their date, but also because Thurston had become a major fan favorite in recent weeks.

After distinguishing herself as “Vibrator Girl” on night one, Katie set herself apart for her willingness to stand up to the “mean girls” in this season’s contestant pool.

And while she may not have been Matt’s cup of tea, it looks as though all the goodwill she built up among viewers has served Katie well – and proved The Bachelorette spoilers correct.

Reality Steve is reporting that she’s the next Bachelorette.

It’s unclear when this will be announced, but it looks like a done deal – and not one that everybody in Bachelor Nation is happy with.

Perhaps as a result of the mixed response, producers have also selected another runner-up from Matt James’ season, and this second lucky lady will soon be filming her own season of The Bachelorette!

Here’s a rundown of what this unprecdented move means for the future of the franchise: