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90 Day Fiance Season 9 continues with Episode 2.

Shaeeda arrives, beginning Bilal’s unhinged “test” involving driving a work van to his childhood home to see how his fiancee responds.

Emily nervously heads to pick up Kobe, but not before hearing a friend’s honest concerns and worrying if she’s being “selfish.”

Jibri brushes off the concerns of his friends and family and goes all out to prepare to welcome Miona.

Kara gets to see good friends in the DR before she and Guillermo fly home to the U.S. Once there, Guillermo is detained.

And we are introduced to a new new couple.

In contrast to Kara and Guillermo’s six year “age gap,” Yvette and Mohamed are more than two decades apart.

Yvette has a lot going on in her life, but her friends clearly have reservations about her 25-year-old fiance.