24 Times Dogs Have Hilariously Failed at Life

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Hilarious dog fail alert! Check out these canines not exactly succeeding at everyday tasks.

1. Here I come, couch!

Here I come, couch!
Did someone move these pieces of furniture farther apart when I was asleep?!?

2. Here I come, ottoman!

Here I come, ottoman!
Well, this didn't work out as planned.

3. Stop laughing and... HELP!

Stop laughing and... HELP!
I know this is funny and all... but I really can't move.

4. (Not) Breaking Free

(Not) Breaking Free
I'm Freeeee! No... wait. Darn it.

5. OUCH!

Here I go! I'll y'all on the other side... OUCH!

6. Hammock fail!

Hammock fail!
Why do people say these things are comfortable?

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