Audrey Roloff: LOOK! My Precious Baby is 9 Months Old!

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Thank you, Audrey Roloff!

On the occasion of this Little People, Big World's daughter turning nine months old, this veteran reality star has once again shared an extensive update about her only child.

Moreover, Audrey has shared a number of new photos!

They are so cute and so precious and we're so grateful that Audrey and husband Jeremy have been so open with pictures and information about their firstborn.

We really do feel like we know her well!

Ready to get to know her even better, though? Let's do this down below!

1. Sorry I'm Late This Month!

Sorry I'm Late This Month!
Audrey has always provided us with interesting updates, but she was a bit late this time around, saying to open her caption to this post: "Every month I’m a little later in taking/posting this photo butttt our precious little girl is 9 months old now!!! Her dimples are even sweeter and she is just so full of joy."

2. So... What's the Latest?

So... What's the Latest?
"She smiles at anyone who looks her way and loves making new friends," Audrey said at the first of many revelations about her growing child.


"She grunts, and claps, and just started giving kisses - or at least we are receiving them as kisses, it could also be that she wants to put her mouth on absolutely everything," adds Audrey, making us laugh.

4. So... Many... Chompers!

So... Many... Chompers!
Continues Audrey: "I guess that’s what happens when you’re working on 6 teeth at the same time! She loves peek-a-boo, cheese, and reading books with mom and dad."

5. Gotta Keep an Eye On Her!

Gotta Keep an Eye On Her!
At all times, it sounds like, based on what else Audrey had to say here: "She walks around the coffee table and sometimes tries to balance on her own, but is still very keen on crawling (and she is VERY fast)."

6. A Little Help, Please

A Little Help, Please
Roloff actually stopped for a minute and asked for some advice from her fellow parents, based on something else Ember has been doing: "She learned to climb the stairs though so... baby gate reccomendations [sic] anyone?"

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