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One of Harvey Weinstein’s many, many accusers who has come forward was Asia Argento.

Now, Asia herself is accused of sexual battery of a minor and of having paid hush money to the now-22-year-old former child actor to cover up an alleged sexual encounter from when he was 17 … and she was 37.

In public, she has denied that this took place. But screenshots of some private text messages tell another story.

TMZ got their hands on some text messages that appear to show Asia confiding in a friend about the situation and what the public doesn’t know. You can see mock-ups of these text messages below.

Asia has apparently been telling confidants that Jimmy Bennett was the sexual aggressor, and that he continued to send her unsolicited nudes up until two weeks before sending her a shakedown letter.

As you are about to see, Asia seems to consider herself a victim.

She also says that the late, great Anthony Bourdain, whom she had been dating before his passing, encouraged her to keep this story under wraps.

Take a look: