Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson: Will They Get Back Together?!

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Star-struck millennial heart throbs Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson made ALL the headlines with their whirlwind romance this year.

They were head over heels in love, no doubt about it. But all good things, as the saying goes, must come to an end in a matter of months.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson at the VMAs

Blindsiding a nation, Ariana and Pete called off their engagement this weekend and one saw it coming ... okay, not the case.

We all saw it coming. But does that mean it's over for good? Or is it a break that will do them some good, and lead them to a better place?

That's the million-dollar question THG's staff debates below. Read our hot takes on this hot couple and then hit the comments below!

YES by Emily Trainham

Love is real, and that is a fact.

And the cool thing about facts is that even if you don’t believe personally believe in them, that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Ariana Grande Mirror Selfie with Pete Davidson

Ariana and Pete love each other. And you’re dang right that’s in the present tense.

Do people get engaged after just a few weeks of dating if they don’t love each other?

Do people adopt pigs together if they do not love each other?! 

Do people get multiple tattoos dedicated to their significant other if they don’t love each other? 

Pete Davidson, Dangerous Woman Tattoo

OK, sure, love is not a requirement for any of these things ... you can be mentally unstable and do all of them just fine.

But Ariana and Pete did them out of love, and that’s just a fact. Listen to “Pete Davidson” on Ariana’s new album and try to say it’s not.

They just broke up, and that’s unfortunate, but sometimes the greatest romances take some time to come together, and it’s obvious that now is not the best time for Ariana. 

She still seems to be reeling from the death of Mac Miller, and it’s likely that she’s still dealing with the trauma from the Manchester bombing as well.

Ariana Grande Gets Emotional

So maybe she needs to take some time to heal. Maybe a few months, maybe a few years. Maybe she’ll date around during that time, and maybe Pete will, too.

But as she sang in her song dedicated to him, he’s her soulmate. And soulmates are forever. Their time will come, but sadly, their time is not now.

Keep the faith, Grandson lovers.  Love shall prevail.

NO by Hilton Hater

Neither Pete Davidson nor Ariana Grande were involved in THE MOST DRAMATIC ROSE CEREMONY of all-time... but their relationship has still followed the trajectory of those who get together on The Bachelor.

In Bed! Together!

The comedian and the artist were never dating in a traditional sense of the term.

They went out. They goofed around. They got all silly on social media. They were almost, literally, a walking Saturday Night Live skit.

It was all cute and fun and we’re sure quite enjoyable for Davidson and Grande, but then real life interjected: Mac Miller died of a drug overdose.

Sources have all indicated that Grande (understandably) took the death of her ex-boyfriend very hard. Ariana's been in a dark place for about a month now.

Such a trauma could spell the end of many relationships, but especially one such as this; one essentially built on partying and cosplay.

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, Harry Potter

There’s simply no sturdy base here for anything as dramatic as a loved one’s death. Mix in the awkwardness of that loved one being Grande’s previous serious boyfriend... and here we are.

Davidson may be equipped with a 10-inch long penis, but he simply isn’t equipped with the emotional maturity to deal with a tragedy of this nature.

YES by Simon Delott

This summer, in the wake of Ariana's engagement to Pete Davidson, I was so confident that they would stay together.

Now, I'm eating crow. I didn't see this coming.

Ariana Grande on Pete Davidson

“Sociologists at NYU used decades of statistical data from 4,500 families and found that couples in which the man was much taller than the woman were more likely to stay together,” I wrote at the time.

“Folks, Ariana Grande is 5 feet tall. Pete Davidson is 6-foot-3,” I continued. “Those 15 inches could see them through to the end.”

We all know that the best way to discuss love and romance is using cold hard numbers and statistical analysis. I'm not sure where I went wrong.

After all, if a spur-of-the-moment relationship between a pop star with baggage and a comedian who's never met an impulse on which he didn't act can't work out … what hope is there for the rest of us?

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller

In all seriousness, though, the cause of their breakup was reportedly largely Mac Miller's tragic death earlier this fall.

The passing of Ariana's very recent ex, so soon after her return to the public eye, left her wounded. It was all too much.

But that doesn't mean that these two won't ever get together again. They're both still young, and it sounds like this breakup was as amicable as a dropped engagement can possibly be.

My real question is this: Is Ariana going to sing the song, “Pete Davidson,” when she goes on tour in the future?

There's no non-awkward way to either sing or skip that song unless they get back together.

Just saying.

Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

NO. by Tyler Johnson

No. The relationship between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson was doomed from the start.

After all, how could a singer with a four-octave vocal range ever relate to a comic whose style is so painfully one-note?

Let’s forget for a moment that Pete mocked the Manchester bombing that traumatized Ariana and so many of her fans.

And let’s ignore, for now, the fact that Davidson said he sympathizes with the man who groped Grande or that he beamed with pride over the fact that Bill Clinton ogled Ari at a freakin’ funeral.

Ariana Grande Thirst Trap Dance Move

(As a guy with a Hillary Clinton tattoo, that must have been an extremely confusing time for Pete.)

What we’re focusing on today is the fact that Grande is clearly a woman who’s drawn to virtuoso talent, and despite spending the past four years in the best comedy college imaginable, Davidson (rather ironically) comes up short when his abilities are compared to Ariana’s.

On a more serious note, insiders have claimed that the breakup was at least partially the result of Ariana’s grief over the death of her previous boyfriend, the immensely gifted Mac Miller.

Mac Miller Tribute

There’s been a lot of talk about Pete and Ari’s perceived insensitivity toward their exes in publicly admitting that they’d secretly longed for each other for years (in other words, since well before they were single).

To be clear, both parties’ duties to their exes ended the moment they broke things off - but who wants to live in a world where we’re all just fulfilling our minimum obligations to one another?

It’s not hard to see how Ariana might have wound up with some seriously conflicted feelings - as well as some major doubts - in the wake of Miller’s overdose.

But in the end, out guess is that a talent gap wider than Pete and Ariana’s height difference also played a significant role in bringing this ill-fated romance to a halt.

And unless Pete drops his Adam Sandler impression and develops a comedic identity of his own, he’d probably be better off dating someone who doesn’t prioritize talent the way Ariana seems to.

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