Andrew Glennon: Ain't No WAY I'm Quitting Teen Mom! I Need the Money!

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Like so many violent psychopaths, Amber Portwood is deeply paranoid.

And one of the things she's most paranoid about is money.

For some reason, the volatile Teen Mom OG star always thinks the men in her life are after her fortune, or that they only got involved with her so that they can become famous themselves.

But Andrew Glennon, the father of her son James, she was supposed to be be different. Unlike with bottom-feeders like Matt Baier, she could breathe easy and not concern herself with such matters.

Or so we thought. After all, Glennon comes from money, and he already had a good job as a television producer when he met Amber (when she was filming Marriage Boot Camp with Baier).

But life is complicated - especially when Amber is involved - and now, it looks like Andrew won't be walking away from the Teen Mom franchise simply because his relationship with Amber is over.

Take a look:

1. Single Dad

Single Dad
When Andrew met Amber, he was a single guy living in Los Angeles and making good money as a producer on shows like Marriage Boot Camp.

2. The Bad Old Days

The Bad Old Days
At the time, Amber was still engaged to Matt Baier - a Teen Mom superfan with a history of drug addiction and between 7-9 kids from previous relationships who slid into her DMs. Like all of her romantic entanglements, it was a dysfunctional mess.

3. Mamber Alert

Mamber Alert
Matt and Amber appeared on Marriage Boot Camp during her and Andrew's time as a producer. Baier fled during filming, and that's when Amber got involved with Andrew.

4. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
Within months, Andrew was living with Amber in her home state Indiana. And it wasn't long before the couple took another major step together.

5. Sweet Baby James

Sweet Baby James
In May of 2018, Amber and Andrew welcomed a child together - a baby boy named James. For a short period in time, everything was right with the world.

6. Faking It Till She Makes It

Faking It Till She Makes It
There was a brief period when it looked as though Amber had finally found the domestic contentment that eluded her in her earlier relationships - but then it all came crashing down.

7. This Again

This Again
By now we're sure you know the story -- in July, Amber was arrested again for yet another violent crime. This time, she allegedly attacked Andrew with a machete and hit him while he was holding James.

8. The Consequences

The Consequences
Amber was forced to move out of the home she shared with Andrew, and while she was able to avoid jail time with a plea deal, she's still forbidden to contact Glennon.

9. Staying In the Spotlight

Staying In the Spotlight
Since Andrew was reluctant to enter the world of reality TV in the first place, it was widely assumed he would step away once his relationship with Amber was through. But that doesn't appear to be the case ...

10. A Star Is Re-Born

A Star Is Re-Born
“Last week, Andrew told MTV he’s ready to film,” a source close to the situation tells celebrity gossip website Radar Online. “He filmed at Amber’s house this week.”

11. Change of Heart

Change of Heart
This comes as something of a shock, as Andrew previously complained of being "ambushed" by the show's producers, who recorded one of his phone calls with Amber without his advanced knowledge.

12. Still at Odds

Still at Odds
Obviously, this doesn't mean that Amber and Andrew are back on good terms - but it does mean their custody drama and co-parenting efforts will play out on camera. Hey, at least they can agree on both getting paid.

13. Still Going Strong

Still Going Strong
Despite rumors to the contrary, and despite what you would think would be conventional wisdom, Amber has not been fired from Teen Mom in the aftermath of this summer's calamity.

14. Creating Content

Creating Content
In fact, she recently sat for an interview with MTV staple Dr. Drew Pinsky, and she's been filming scenes for the show's upcoming season.

15. Bringing the Drama

Bringing the Drama
They're dropping like flies.The franchise has lost Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans in th e past two years, and executives may feel that they have little choice but to keep Amber onboard if they hope to continue delivering the drama fans love.

16. Giving Them What They Want

Giving Them What They Want
And thus far, Amber has not been disappointing in that department. (Does she ever?) Her legal problems, and her legal battle with Andrew, seem to be getting uglier by the day.

17. Housing Crisis

Housing Crisis
Currently, Andrew still lives in the Indianapolis home that once belonged to Amber; Portwood is currently not permitted to set foot on the premises. That's unusual and awkward.

18. Angry Amber

Angry Amber
Amber has a no-contact order that prevents her from any direct communication with Andrew, and she can exchange messages with her most recent baby daddy only through third parties.

19. Not Happy

Not Happy
Last week, she accused him of keeping James from her - a claim that Andrew vehemently denies - in a sign that the tension between the two has not fully subsided by any means.

20. The Battle Begins

The Battle Begins
“To jump straight to being in contempt of court is childish, no one contacted me, her attorney speaks to my attorney, so I’m at a loss as to why this whole ‘mutual’ agreement has fallen on my shoulders,” Andrew told celebrity gossip publication In Touch Weekly regarding Amber's latest legal filing.

21. Kept In the Dark

Kept In the Dark
“I feel I’ve been left in the dark," Glennon added, claiming that Amber did not make her concerns clear to him before complaining to the court.

22. A Responsible Ex

A Responsible Ex
“I want her to see James,” said Glennon, who has often addressed the speculation about the couple on social media when confronted with rumors he wants to set the record straight on. “I saw what keeping Leah did to her, and I swore that would not happen.”

23. Stuck In Indiana

Stuck In Indiana
Amber has already prevented Andrew from moving back to Los Angeles with James, and a judge has ordered Glennon to stay put for the time being.

24. Making Peace With It

Making Peace With It
Perhaps he figures since he's stuck in Indianapolis anyway, he may as well continue to generate some cash flow in the heartland by appearing on Teen Mom.

25. Guilty Pleasure

Guilty Pleasure
Whatever the case, it looks as though this drama will continue to play out on camera for the forseeable future - and we're guessing a lot of viewers are okay with that.

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