David Eason Fires Warning Shot at Jenelle Evans: You're a Loose Liar and You're Going DOWN!

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So, how about that Jenelle Evans divorce, huh?

It's been nearly two weeks now since the longtime Teen Mom 2 terror announced the big news that she'd left David Eason.

So, so very much has happened since.

Some of it has been nice, don't get us wrong. It's great that she's able to spend time with Nathan Griffith for their son's sake.

Most of it has just been an absolute dumpster fire, however, and given that this is Jenelle, we can't say we're surprised.

And speaking of garbage, you simply have to see David's latest statements about her, because they're pretty abhorrent.

Honestly, this situation is bound to get worse before it gets better, no matter how hard she tries to get back on Teen Mom 2.

Take a look below and see what we mean.

1. What a Mess

What a Mess
Man ... where do we even begin with this mess? Amazingly, these two have been an item for over four years at this point. It feels like a lifetime ... a lifetime full of terror.

2. So Much History

So Much History
If you want to start at the very beginning, we could take it the way back in 2015 when Jenelle met David on Tinder and started dating him.

3. Ah, Memories

Ah, Memories
Or we could skip forward just a little bit, since it didn't take too long for David's horrible history to come out - the gruesome twosome had barely started dating when his alleged history of emotional and physical abuse came to light.

4. So Many Possibilities

So Many Possibilities
Or we could start by talking about when David first began showing Jenelle all of his many, many red flags - you remember, when he started putting a whole lot of strain on every other relationship she had, even the one with her son's father and her own mom?

5. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
There are so many places we could start today's story - with Jenelle's 911 call from last year, when she first admitted he was abusing her, or with the many abuse allegations from Nathan and his own mother in regards to Kaiser, or with Nugget's death and the battle with CPS that followed.

6. Here We Go

Here We Go
But instead, let's just focus on the most recent developments and kick things off with Jenelle leaving David a few weeks ago. Evans went all the way to New York, all by herself. Why was this so significant?

7. Interesting

As rumor has it, Jenelle up and left for New York on a Friday without telling David. She left their daughter, Ensley, with him, took son Kaiser to mother Barbara's house, and flew up to the city to meet with MTV executives.

8. Jenelle's Return?

Jenelle's Return?
During the meeting, they reportedly discussed the possibility of Jenelle coming back to the network in some way - maybe she'd get her old job back, maybe she'd film a special, we don't know at this point. But they were open to a discussion.

9. The Big Move

The Big Move
Whatever they talked about, it marked something of a sea change, because when she was done, she went back home, picked up Kaiser, somehow got Ensley - again, we don't have too many details on this part of the story - and fled the state of North Carolina.

10. The Big News

The Big News
And on Halloween, she finally confirmed what we'd all been speculating: she had left David, and she was already beginning the process of filing for divorce from her husband of two years.

11. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
At first, a lot of people didn't believe it. Jenelle's always been big on theatrics - messy breakups that don't take are kind of her calling card - and she's also been keen on defending David and trying to prove to everyone that he's a wonderful guy, so it seemed a little odd that she'd just up and leave him, especially after she defended him so strongly just a few months ago when they were about to lose custody of all their kids.

12. Also This

Also This
The timing was a bit weird, too. MTV has made it super clear that they'll never work with or around David ever again, so it's hard to imagine that didn't factor into her decision to leave him immediately after having that meeting.

13. Very Interesting ...

Very Interesting ...
But as time went on, the split became more and more convincing - like, Jenelle got a restraining order against David, which seems like a big move if they're just faking a divorce for publicity or she were leaving the door open to reconciliation next week.

14. So Sad

So Sad
She got the order so that David can't come near her or any of her children, and the scary part is that she was able to get it so quickly because she was apparently able to provide proof that he'd been abusive.

15. Yikes

One thing she shared in the request for the restraining order? Texts from David in which he told her that he would kill some guy and feed his head to her. That's the kind of nightmare we're dealing with here.

16. Wow

In addition to the restraining order, Jenelle was spotted spending some time with Nathan last week, and we can't imagine David would allow that if he and Jenelle were actually still together. He allegedly hates his stepson Kaiser because the youngster looks like Nathan. His father. This is the kind of nightmare we're dealing with here.

17. Hooray?

So at this point, more people are starting to believe that this divorce could actually be happening, and not a moment too soon. Wild, right?

18. Ugh

More proof that this could actually be happening? David has finally stopped posting on social media about being heartbroken ... and he's started just trashing the hell out of Jenelle instead.

19. Getting After It

Getting After It
Over on Instagram, someone commented on a recent post of his that he's "getting unfollowed by everyone," and we can't confirm that because he made his page private last night. But ...

20. Sure Thing

Sure Thing
"Nope," David responded, "followers are going up but thanks for asking. She will loose plenty after court tho."

21. Classic Dave

Classic Dave
That's not a typo on our part, by the way - he really did write that she'll "loose" in court.

22. Gross

And when someone corrected him on that apparent mistake, he commented back with "Nope I meant loose, she's already loose enough as it is," along with four laughing emojis.

23. Goodness

So that's disgusting, right? Pretty gnarly thing to say about anyone, let alone your own wife - not to mention potentially a violation of Jenelle's restraining order - he's really not supposed to be talking about her online.

24. Naturally

But hey, this is David Eason. Things like "tact" or "the law" have never stopped him before, and over on Facebook, he had quite a bit more to say.

25. Bless His Heart

Bless His Heart
Last night, David wrote on Facebook that "All I can tell y'all right now is that I have tried to protect ppl and their reputation but the truth will come out soon!"

26. So Weird

So Weird
Which is a bizarre thing to say, right? And it kind of seems like a threat ... no one has ever said "the truth will come out" about someone they're trying to repair a relationship with, or respect in the least.

27. Right

In the comments, someone told David to make sure he gets paid for his story - to do an interview instead of posting more on social media - and he replied "No I will be in court exposing everything that you guys will make all your jaws drop."

28. Well ...

Well ...
In another comment, someone wrote to him: "Instead of protecting people and their reputations why didn’t you protect your wife, your kids and your family dogs?!"

29. Huh?

"Maybe that's what I'm talking about," he wrote back. "Maybe you don't know what you're talking about..."

30. So Crazy

So Crazy
So is he saying that Jenelle Evans (with her injured collarbone, remember that) is actually the abusive one in this relationship? That she's the one who really killed the dog?! Because it sounds like that's what he's saying.

31. So. Messy.

So. Messy.
This whole entire thing is just an absolute disaster, and based on what David's saying now, it's probably going to get way, way worse before it gets better. If it ever gets better. Because we're talking about Jenelle Evans and David Eason, and is "better" even attainable here?

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