Andrew Glennon: Amber Portwood Abused Our Son and Almost KILLED Him!

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Amber Portwood has done some terrible things, and that's just a fact.

We've seen her abuse Gary Shirley, and we've seen her neglect her daughter, Leah, when she was younger.

We've certainly seen the toxic mess that was her relationship with Matt Baier.

But now that she's currently in the middle of both a criminal case and a custody case stemming from her alleged assault of Andrew Glennon in July, even more things are coming out about her.

And it's really, truly not looking good for her.

1. Such a Mess

Such a Mess
It seems like every single day, the situation with Amber Portwood gets worse.

2. Well ...

Well ...
And honestly, that's because it kind of does.

3. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
It's been two months now since The Incident, and more and more details are coming out, and she keeps getting more and more open about her thoughts and feelings about everything, and it's just not great for anyone.

4. The Incident

The Incident
So just in case you forgot, Amber was arrested on the morning of July 5th after assaulting boyfriend Andrew Glennon and allegedly chasing him with a machete while he was holding their son, James.

5. Naturally

According to Andrew's story, she was upset because they weren't able to go see fireworks the day before, and she'd been raging for hours about it.

6. Yikes

She beat him with a shoe, which she admitted to doing, and police have photos of bruises and scratches from that, and he even claimed that she attempted suicide by taking a handful of pills that she later threw up after he threatened to call the police.

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