13 Worst TV Characters of All-Time

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Some TV characters are beloved by fans. 

Others, not so much. 

These 13 TV characters had the potential to be good, but they squandered the potential at every turn. 

Yes, really. 

Who made the list?

Find out below. 

1. Archie - Riverdale

Archie - Riverdale
As the lead character on Riverdale, you would expect him to be likable. Instead, he doesn't follow rules, complains when other people don't follow rules, and walks about with half-naked at the best of times.

2. Morgan - The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead

Morgan - The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead
Morgan served little purpose to the narrative on The Walking Dead, so the decision to send him to the spinoff was silly.

Morgan loves to give monologues that make very little sense. He's the worst.

3. Jo - Grey's Anatomy

Jo - Grey's Anatomy
In the most recent season, the character of Jo was fleshed out. But for the seasons she was part of the show before that, there was a grand total of zero character development. It's too late in the game for us to care about her.

4. Paige - Pretty Little Liars

Paige - Pretty Little Liars
Paige was in a relationship with Emily at one point. Before that? She pushed Emily's head underwater when her obsession with being the better swimmer took over. Yikes. It makes sense then that fans hated the character.

5. Noah - The Affair

Noah - The Affair
He has a superiority complex that makes him think that cheating on his wife was acceptable. He complains about his ex-wife when she ignores his calls. He's quite simply a horrid human being.

6. Matt - The Vampire Diaries

Matt - The Vampire Diaries
Matt was too bland to care about. On a show that was about supernatural beings, he lingered behind the scenes like an extra. He only piped up whenever anyone said anything about Elena.

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