Amber Portwood: Andrew Glennon Let Our Son Get Attacked By a Dog!

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Back in July, Amber Portwood was arrested on domestic violence charges after an incident in which she attacked then-boyfriend Andrew Glennon with a machete.

Not surprisingly, the altercation gave Glennon the upper hand in the custody battle that followed, and these days, he has full custody of baby James, while Amber is limited to supervised visits.

Now, she's claiming the judge got it all wrong, as it's actually Andrew who represents a threat to their 1-year-old's safety.

As proof, Portwood cites an incident that happened over Christmas that she says resulted in her son being hospitalized.

Take a look at the latest development in this extremely messy situation:

1. Mama Bear Mode

Mama Bear Mode
Amber Portwood is lashing out at her ex again. And this time, she insists that her child's safety is on the line!

2. Busted Again

Busted Again
Amber was arrested on the morning of July 5 after she allegedly attacked Andrew with a machete and struck him while he was holding their child.

3. A History of Violence

A History of Violence
This didn't come as much of a surprise to Teen Mom OG fans, as Amber has a history of domestic violence and run-ins with the law.

4. Scot-Free

This time around, Amber was able to avoid jail time AND keep her job with MTV. But her abusive behavior wasn't completely without consequences.

5. Safety For James

Safety For James
James was placed in Andrew's care, and Amber's interactions with her son are now limited to supervised visits.

6. Out of Harm's Way

Out of Harm's Way
Amber was recently able to prevent Andrew from moving back to Malibu with James, but it may be a very long time before she regains custody rights.

7. Angry Amber

Angry Amber
Amber says that she was supposed to be allowed to spend time with James on Christmas, but James denied her that opportunity.

8. Shady Moves?

Shady Moves?
In fact, she says that Andrew took the kid out of state -- presumably to California -- without her permission or foreknowledge.

9. Ulterior Motives?

Ulterior Motives?
And according to a new court filing, Amber believes that James' had motives for the surprise trip that go beyond spending Christmas in Cali with his family.

10. Scary Stuff

Scary Stuff
She's accusing Glennon of attempting to conceal injuries that James sustained when he was attacked by a dog.

11. A Serious Allegation

A Serious Allegation
According to her latest filing, Amber claims Andrew contacted her on Christmas to tell her about the injuries -- and then forced her to wait several days for details.

12. Major Downplaying?

Major Downplaying?
She says Andrew attempted to downplay serious injuries as minor, when they were actually anything but.

13. Buying Time

Buying Time
She goes on to allege that Andrew waited three days before sending her a photo of James' injuries.

14. Yikes

She also claims that the pic showed James sporting a black eye and bandaged nose, "indicating that the injury was more than a 'nip,'" her lawyers say.

15. Another Violation?

Another Violation?
On top of all of that, Amber claims that James violated the terms of their custody agreement by posting a photo of James on Instagram on New Year's Eve, something that both parties promised not to do.

16. Legal Action

Legal Action
For all of this, Amber is requesting that Andrew be charged with contempt of court.

17. Outraged Amber

Outraged Amber
She claims he has willfully and repeatedly violated their custody agreement, and she's likely hoping that this situation will lead the court to reconsider the terms.

18. Fat Chance

That almost certainly won't happen, as Amber's abusive behavior has been corroborated by numerous audio recordings taken in her home.

19. Yeah, No

Yeah, No
Amber might succeed in having James taken away from Andrew and placed in the care of the state, but if she thinks any judge will place a baby with a twice-convicted abuser, she's got another thing coming.

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