90 Day Fiance The Other Way Trailer: Tears, Breakups & Emergencies to Come!

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is taking a short break before Season 2 resumes.

When it does, viewers will see tears, heartbreak, an emergency C-section, and the COVID-19 pandemic hit.

Deavan Clegg asks the uncomfortable question

The midseason trailer for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 2 starts off calmly.

Deavan is, for whatever reason, asking Jihoon if he has cheated on her at any point.

Perhaps the reason for this question will become clear. She is not the only star with questions for her partner in this trailer.

Armando Rubio - he doesn't want to come out or what?

Kenneth and Armando have traveled to see Armando's family -- where Kenneth will meet them for the first time.

Well, he'll meet some of them, at least.

Armando's father does not appear willing to meet his son's fiance, even thinking that they are only boyfriends.

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio wait nervously outside

The door gets shut directly in their faces, in fact.

Armando just wants his family to love him without having to live a lie about who he is.

That is not unreasonable for anyone to ask.

Yazan Abo Horira - what am I even doing with you?

In Jordan, Brittany FaceTimes with Yazan, who is yelling at her over the video chat.

(No, we have no idea why anyone would be part of a relationship that involves yelling; it's deeply toxic)

Brittany tells him that she simply wants him to act right. But they have much bigger issues, as we will soon see.

Brittany Banks wants Yazan to act right

In India, Jenny and Sumit are still trying to find a balance.

Sumit will go to see his parents and seek their approval so that he can marry Jenny.

Even after his divorce, this grown man will need his parents' permission to marry.

Jenny Slatten asks about priorities

It looks like some lines here may have been (unsurprisingly) taken out of context for the trailer.

Jenny says that she's not going to ask him to give up on his family just for her.

Sumit assures her that even if she asked, he would not give up. Fishy, cherry-picked lines of dialogue. That's how trailers work.

Sumit - I'm not gonna give up even if you ask

Sumit loves his family and he hopes that their desire for him to be happy will be enough for them to give their blessing.

That is why he signed up for 90 Day Fiance in the first place -- to essentially make a documentary about his love story.

But whether that will be enough ... only time will tell.

Brittany Banks flies home

Meanwhile, in Jordan ... Brittany is leaving Jordan.

Apparently, Yazan gave her an ultimatum, and she's showing him exactly what she thinks of that.

She's flying home, quipping: "He's not the king of Jordan."

Brittany Banks - he's not the king of Jordan

This would probably feel more empowering if we knew the context.

Yazan's family's conservative views and his tendency to lie to Brittany and to them out of a desire for peace are one thing.

But we cannot forget Brittany's big lie about her divorce. Is she doing this just to buy time for the paperwork to go through?

Ariela Weinberg will need a C-section -- now

In Ethiopia, Ariela and Biniyam sit down and hear some startling news.

Ariela will need to undergo a C-section in order for her baby to be born.

They're not scheduling it for a later date -- she will have to do this that very day, without her family there.

Ariela Weinberg - I'm not ready

Ariela is understandably terrified as she is about to be sliced open by a surgical team.

She is a very young woman and, frankly, there is no age or context in which getting your abdomen peeled like a grape is desirable.

We are thankful to know that she and her baby live through this, but wow, what a frightening experience to go through without your family.

Tim Clarkson asks an uncomfortable question

In Columbia, Tim Clarkson asks Melyza a question.

Did she sleep with anyone else during their relationship, after learning that he had cheated on her?

Melyza very fairly asks why in the world he is asking her this.

Melyza Zeta - what for?

Either there's a reason why he's asking or producers just meddled to get them to have this conversation.

But Melyza balks at even giving him an answer. He is the cheater, after all.

Tim says that he needs the answer for his "own peace of mind." Sure, whatever.

Kenneth Niedermeier and Armando Rubio turned down for marriage

In Mexico, Kenneth and Armando are for some unknown reason turned down -- seemingly as they apply to get married.

Now, same-sex marriage is legal in Mexico, and has been for a number of years.

It's not clear what is going on, but the emotions at being rejected and possibly discriminated against are very apparent.

Deavan Clegg in a face mask in S. Korea

Then, in Deavan and Jihoon's story, the pandemic hits.

While Taeyang's Baek-il was filmed just three months after he was born (for obvious reasons), clearly this was filmed months later.

Deavan, Jihoon, Drascilla, and Taeyang all appear in the video wearing facemasks.

Jihoon Lee and Taeyang in face masks

South Korea was hit by COVID-19 before the US, and it was hit hard.

However, South Korea elected to employ an actual organized governmental response, instead of downplaying the pandemic for months.

As a result, through a number of strategies, they were able to keep the pandemic from the staggering death toll that we are seeing in the US.

Deavan Clegg - I don't want to be here

However, as we all know, lockdown can really impact a person's state of mind.

It appears that Deavan, though she does not provide context, was really feeling that. She has our sympathies.

We know how things with Deavan have ended up since this was filmed. Perhaps these episodes will be illuminating.

Biniyam Shibre sisters - the baby will go to hell!

In Ethiopia, Biniyam's sisters are grilling Ariela about baptizing her newborn.

The line "the baby will go to hell" is a shocking one to those who do not share that theological belief.

Remember, even if Ariela is truly willing to baptize her baby, the priest told Biniyam that she, too, would have to convert. She's so not doing that.

Ariela Weinberg and family stunned listening conversion pressure

Ariela's parents are there to meet their grandbaby, but it looks like they do not stay forever.

Conflict mounts between Ariela and Biniyam, and it is unclear if it is religious differences, postpartum issues, or more.

Whatever it is, a sobbing Ariela feels like she is alone and has no one to talk to.

Ariela Weinberg cries and feels alone

In Jordan, things are getting more serious.

Yazan feels that he is in danger, and he says as much to Brittany.

Clearly, she has returned to Jordan to try, once again.

Yazan Abo Horira - I have to be careful

Why is he in danger?

We see a clip, without context, of Yazan's father threatening to murder him.

"Honor killings" in Jordan are fairly rare, and usually target women, but Yazan is taking this seriously.

Yazan Abo Horira father threatens to literally murder him

(We should all keep in mind that "honor killings" also happen in the US, but we don't call them that when white Americans kill their family over cheating, being gay or trans, or being pregnant)

Someone sits down and explains to Brittany that "some people" now hate Yazan enough to murder him.

It is unclear of why exactly this is, but it looks like Brittany feels both scared and guilty over it.

Brittany Banks cries in fear and guilt

This is yet another sign that perhaps Yazan did not tell Brittany enough about his family's expectations from the start.

We hope that everyone involved continues to be safe.

And we will see all of these stories -- and more -- unfold starting in October.

90 Day Fiance The Other Way Season 2 returns Oct 11 2020

Set your DVRs and mark your calendars, because The Other Way resumes Season 2 on October 11.

It is unclear if any of the other couples were still filming when the pandemic hit.

Only time will tell.

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