90 Day Fiance The Other Way Recap: Yazan Abo Horira's Life Has Been Threatened

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37. Unfortunately ...

Unfortunately ...
Their registrar clearly regrets being the bearer of bad news, but she has to give them a "no."

38. Armando is confused

Armando is confused
The registrar explains that the local law does not allow for same-sex marriage, but that the national law and the Constitution do.

39. Fortunately, she's very helpful

Fortunately, she's very helpful
Her hands may be tied, but she basically reenacts that scene from The Incredibles when Mr. Incredible tells that woman how to circumvent the insurance company's red tape in order to get what she needs. This time, she's telling them to go and file a complaint with the human rights commission.

40. Armando is confident that it will work

Armando is confident that it will work
They are grateful that the registrar was, though powerless, on their side, but they worry about how many battles they will need to fight. Will they have to deal with this again when choosing a wedding venue? Generally, straight couples do not have to face this particular problem over their sexual orientations because -- unless they belong to another marginalized group -- no one is trying to ruin their lives just for existing.

41. Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira

Brittany Banks and Yazan Abo Horira
Yazan is in Jordan, where he laments that his family situation has gotten WORSE. Worse than being fired and made homeless by his father.

42. He meets up with his younger brother.

He meets up with his younger brother.
Yazan and Obaida hug in a tearful embrace.

43. Obaida shares the family's "concerns"

Obaida shares the family's "concerns"
He notes that Brittany continues to post Instagram photos, and Yazan correctly notes that, yeah, she's a person, that's how instagram works. Yazan has his flaws -- the way that he has spoken to Brittany on multiple occassions is inexcusable -- but when it comes to his core beliefs about women's rights, he seems like a good guy. He doesn't always act like it, though.

44. Obaida meets with their dad

Obaida meets with their dad
He notes that it's just eating at him, because he's very concerned about the idle gossip of the extended family and of neighbors. He has heard wild rumors of Brittany acting in porn. One, there's nothing wrong with that. Two, folks, if Brittany were in porn, we here at THG would have reported on it.

45. "Look at this!" (lol)

"Look at this!" (lol)
He holds up a perfectly fine, innocuous photo of Brittany wearing a bikini on Instagram as if it's some sort of damning evidence of ... something. Anyway, this image should be memed immediately.

46. "This is a big deal for us"

"This is a big deal for us"
Yazan's dad continues to gripe in a very "what will the neighbors think" sort of way. As we have noted, there are Instagram influencers and bikini-wearers in Jordan, so this is Yazan's family's conservative views causing problems where there are none. It's cowardice, but he's not budging.

47. He threatens Yazan

He threatens Yazan
Yazan's father then threatens, to Obaida, that his anger will not go away if Yazan stays with Brittany. It's important to note that translators have pointed out what TLC has not -- that this expression is similar to the one in the US, where English speakers say "dang, I'm late for dinner; my mom's gonna kill me." Nonetheless, his anger is obvious.

48. Obaida faithfully relays this to Yazan

Obaida faithfully relays this to Yazan
He tells him everything, that people are saying that he and Brittany are already secretly married, that they're having sex (Brittany, noting that Yazan could be in danger if he were known to have had sex, has claimed to the camera that he is a "virgin," though we in the US are meant to read between the lines), etc.

49. Yazan is not having a good time

Yazan is not having a good time
He has had to find a new home and a new job. While common sense tells most of us that he would be better off simply going no-contact with his family after this, that is easier said than done. And Yazan has a great deal of love for some members of his family.

50. He's not going to break up with Brittany

He's not going to break up with Brittany
Yazan and Brittany are in love, or they wouldn't have taken things this far. He's going to take things even further.

51. Meanwhile, in Florida

Meanwhile, in Florida
Brittany is saying goodbye to Max, the family dog, and to her dad, Gregory, as she packs for Jordan.

52. He has some worries

He has some worries
Gregory has noticed some real red flags in his daughter's relationship, though she does not appear to have shared everything with him. He wants to make sure that she's making the right decision.

53. Brittany has a plan

Brittany has a plan
Now divorced, she is going to have her friend meet her in Jordan the day after she returns to help her get a feel for things. Then and only then will she (possibly) bring her family over for a wedding.

54. En route, Yazan blows up her phone

En route, Yazan blows up her phone
Yazan has bought a new car ... and gotten into an accident, which he somehow blames on her???

55. He tries to guilt her

He tries to guilt her
He sends her an angry voice message and texts and photos, all lashing out at her over her insistence that, after she has so far paid for everything, he show some commitment by supporting them. It's important to note that she is not aware of everything that he is going through right now. She calls him "selfish."

56. They have an angry phone call

They have an angry phone call
"I'm really, really tired of it," Brittany confesses to the camera. "It's becoming clear to me that Yazan may never change ... I'm not getting on that flight."

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