Kailyn Lowry: I Might Go to JAIL For Taking My Son on Vacation!

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Kailyn Lowry sure has a flair for the dramatic.

Obviously, she's not as emotional as, say, Jenelle Evans or Farrah Abraham - but this Teen Mom 2 star certainly has a temper, and it's best to duck when it comes out.

So it was a bit surprising when, Kail was confronted with the possibility of jail time for taking her sons to Hawaii with her, and her response was to literally just say "f--k it."

Is this the start of a new, more stoic Kail?

Or is the 27-year-old just getting sick of her baby daddies' bulls--t (she's got three of them, after all), and refusing to give them the satisfaction of getting upset?

Either way, she does not mince words, or back down from confrontation. Where will it go from here? Jump into the gallery below to decide for yourself:

1. Vacation Memories

Vacation Memories
If you're a fan of the show, you know that Kail enjoys taking her three sons on extravagant trips.

2. Putting Hid Foot Down

Putting Hid Foot Down
Back in July, Kail planned to take all three of her boys with her to Hawaii -- but it seems Issac's father, Jo Rivera, took issue with that agenda.

3. What Is Going On Here?

What Is Going On Here?
For years, Kail and Jo enjoyed an amicable co-parenting relationship. But it seems those days have definitively come to an end.

4. Lack of Support

Lack of Support
It was a dispute over child support that had Kail and Jo taking public jabs at one another. And while the matter is now settled, the bad blood remains.

5. An Awkward Situation

An Awkward Situation
Kail might be besties with Jo's wife, Vee Torres, but that wasn't enough to prevent the now-infamous Hawaii incident.

6. Hawaii 5-No!

Hawaii 5-No!
The incident took place back in July, but we'll finally get the whole story on tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2.

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