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On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Season 3, Episode 8, the couples grappled with cheating, with in-laws, and with their conflicting plans for the future.

Sumit and Jenny finally got his parents to budge … but the price of being “accepted” by his family could be too much for Jenny.

And that might be the whole point, Jenny fears.

Ariela and Avi are in New Jersey for his hernia surgery, but her family reminds her that this could be the best place for her son to grow up.

Corey pleads with Evelin for forgiveness, but she can’t process this while he’s still lurking around.

Ellie and Victor have a lot to do before his house is livable again, and that means spending a lot of money — Ellie’s money.

Plus, there’s that whole cheating thing to work out.

Kenneth and Armando are great dads together, but they’re not quite on the same page when it comes to growing their family.

Steven’s hypocrisy so annoys Alina that she tells her mother about his sexual history.