90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days: How Many Couples Broke Up?

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This week's episode of 90 Day Fiance had relationships dropping like flies.

We'd compare the episode to the infamous Red Wedding, but hey, at least the Red Wedding featured people actually getting married.

After so many couples called it off ... what is left?

We'll tell you exactly.

And, thanks to the massive 90 Day Fiance Tell All leak this season, we can tell you which couples stuck to their guns and which broke up.

Unfortunately, some of this news -- in terms of both breakups and reconciliations -- is downright bad news.

1. Let's start with the worst

Let's start with the worst
Say what you will about Ed Brown, about Baby Girl Lisa, or any of the others -- there was no one worse on this season than Geoffrey Paschel.

2. Geoffrey proposed

Geoffrey proposed
Varya, to the audience's collective relief, said "no," characterizing the proposal as a good step for them as a couple.

3. Geoffrey stormed off

Geoffrey stormed off
Despite Varya's tears (not that we'd expect Geoffrey to be moved by a woman's suffering), he made it clear to her that they were parting ways.

4. Why is this good news?

Why is this good news?
Because Geoffrey has a long history of accusations and arrests for brutal crimes against women. We have yet to hear from an ex of his who has NOT accused him of domestic violence. He is also accused of rape and child abuse. His latest arrest was from June of 2019, and fans hope that the physical evidence and outcry witness are enough to lock him away.

5. Fans have been horrified

Fans have been horrified
TLC finally, FINALLY listened to fans. They didn't remove Geoffrey from the season as they should have, or refuse to film him after a simple background check would have turned up enough red flags to open a flag store, but they did not invite him to the Tell All.

6. Unfortunately ...

Unfortunately ...
Spoilers from the Tell All reveal that Varya was invited but declined ... because she refused to film it without Geoffrey, out of solidarity. It appears that they are together, and that is positively bone-chilling. We hope that Varya remains safe and well.

7. Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens

Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens
On Sunday, Stephanie tried and failed to come out to her parents. A lot of people may condemn her for that, but ... honestly, those of us who have watched people struggle to do that understand how scary it can be to face potential rejection from people who are so central to your life.

8. On the plus side ...

On the plus side ...
They went out to a party with Erika's friends and, this time, things went well ... until they spoke one-on-one. Erika confided to Stephanie that she had a 10-year, off-and-on relationship with someone who refused to come out, and it left her feeling rejected (though she was not "out" to her parents at the time).

9. Stephanie freaked out

Stephanie freaked out
She couldn't handle the revelation, on the grounds that she thought that they had both been honest about their pasts. She threw a bowl -- absolutely unacceptable -- and Erika left. Stephanie did apologize for throwing the bowl, but made it clear to Erika that they were over.

10. Are they?

Are they?
Yes. According to leaks from the Tell All, not only are they broken up, but they are barely even on speaking terms.

11. Avery Warner and Ash Naeck

Avery Warner and Ash Naeck
After that disastrous seminar and Avery wanting to spend the night alone in her hotel, Ash pretty much assumed that they were over.

12. But he may have misread the signal

But he may have misread the signal
Contemplating their romance alone, Avery realized that she has a lot of love for Ash.

13. Their relationship seemed up in the air

Their relationship seemed up in the air
However, we now know that they are not currently together

14. That news comes from Ash

That news comes from Ash
In a comment spotted by 90 Day Fiance blogger extraordinaire John Yates, Ash straight-up told a fan in the comments that he and Avery are broken up.

15. Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega

Big Ed Brown and Rosemarie Vega
Ed finally came clean about lying to Rosemarie about his intentions with her, admitting that he does not want to have any more children.

16. Rose was hurt

Rose was hurt
She told him, straight up, that she felt that he did not really love her. Instead, she felt that he had dragged this out as long as he could before revealing his desire to get a vasectomy.

17. Ed told her that he bought a ring

Ed told her that he bought a ring
It was not enough, and Rosemarie told him that he was a bad person.

18. And?

All spoilers, hints, and common sense say that Ed and Rosemarie are officially done.

19. Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks

Darcey Silva and Tom Brooks
We already saw these two break up and no, they are not currently together

20. In fact ... Tom has moved on

In fact ... Tom has moved on
Tom has moved on -- well, in the sense that he has moved on with a new girlfriend, named Shannon.

21. David Murphey and "Lana"

David Murphey and "Lana"
Though viewers have yet to see it, Lana turns out to be a real, human woman ... a woman who is only willing to answer some questions that producers have for her and not others, but real nonetheless.

22. See?!

A real, physical, flesh-and-blood human being whom David has spent tens of thousands of dollars speaking to.

23. Are they together?

Are they together?
David proposes to her on the show, but between that filming and the Tell All, they break up -- with David, to no one's surprise, expressing optimism that they will reconnect.

24. Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme and Usman Umar
These two ran into some real hiccups while trying to marry because Lisa did not have all of her documentation.

25. But being married doesn't solve everything

But being married doesn't solve everything
At the Tell All, the two admit to having blocked each other on social media multiple times. That's not healthy.

26. And it gets worse

And it gets worse
At one point during the Tell All, spoilers say that Usman accused Lisa of calling him the n-word -- a word that she has been known to use, among other inexcusable slurs, online. She countered that he should not "open that can of worms."

27. Gross!

Relatively speaking, we suppose that Lisa and Usman are one of this season's "success stories."

28. Yolanda LOL

Yolanda LOL
Yolanda's boyfriend isn't real, which is news only to Yolanda. Instead of Williams, who does not exist, spoilers say that Yolanda is joined at the Tell All by a catfishing expert.

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