9 Would-Be Relationships NEGGED Via Text

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Suffice it to say, these folks blew it with their crushes. Read some of the hilarious text message fails and see.

1. Something Between Us

Something Between Us
I'm envisioning something between us, all right ...

2. Mistaken Identity

Mistaken Identity
We've all talked about our crush TO our crush who we thought was a friend, while referring to said crush as a possible murderer or sex trade kingpin ... right?!

3. Maybe We Should ...

Maybe We Should ...
... sign up for an online dating service and find romance not with each other! OHHHH!

4. More Than Friends

More Than Friends
JUST what he had in mind ...

5. Short Answer

Short Answer
Why mince words?

6. Can't Wait to See Those ...

Can't Wait to See Those ...
Freudian slip or iPhone fail?

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