9 Ultimate Job Fails

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FAIL! Check out these examples of people messing up their one job

1. Shcool is Cool?

Shcool is Cool?
Someone needs to school this public works employee. School him or her. Do not SHCOOL him or her.

2. Snuck on to a Sneaker

Snuck on to a Sneaker
A Nike Swoosh on an Adidas shoe?!? We think the world may have just exploded.

3. Is His Name There?

Is His Name There?
Please forgive us, Mr. Name Here, if this is actually your name.

4. Actually a Great Value?

Actually a Great Value?
This can of diced tomatoes may be a great value. If only it actually contained diced tomatoes.

5. Midfield Mishap

Midfield Mishap
Minnesota may be home to the only football stadium in the country where midfield seats are at the 45-yard line.

6. Settle for a Sprite?

Settle for a Sprite?
Who wants an ice cold Coke? Who needs a caffeine fix in order to jump start your day and... oh, wait. Oops.

7. A Butchered Billboard

A Butchered Billboard
We can only imagine that some magician was in charge of this billboard. And put his sawed-off subject back together incorrectly.

8. Stop, Go or High-Five?

Stop, Go or High-Five?
A frown you want to turn upside. But the hand on a Stop Walking Sign? Less so.

9. OEPN for Business

OEPN for Business
We're just gonna go in and start drinking. If it's closed, they can tap us on the shoulder and ask us to leave.

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