19 Crazy Celebrity-Paparazzi Confrontations

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Celebrities and paparazzi go hand in hand, yet often clash. Here's a gallery of some of the most notable altercations we've covered.

1. Bald Britney Spears Attacks Paparazzi

A bald Britney Spears rages against the paparazzi in early 2007. Glad to see she's gotten her life back under control.

2. Justin Bieber Yells at Photographer

Justin Bieber goes off on a British photographer in this video. Watch the singer totally lose his cool and curse up a storm now.

3. Kanye West Walks Into Pole

Kanye West walks into a pole, hurts his head, then gets absolutely livid with photographers. You gotta see it.

4. Kourtney Kardashian Curses Off Paparazzi

Kourtney Kardashian goes off on the paparazzi in this video. They aren't giving her any room to walk while holding her daughter.

5. Alec Baldwin Uses Gay Slur Against Photographer

Alec Baldwin appears to call a member of the paparazzi a c**ksucking f*g ... watch it here.

6. Kristen Stewart Curses Off Paparazzi

Kristen Stewart appears to curse off the paparazzi in this video. But can you blame her?

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