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You know that thing about never dating a coworker?

Yeah, that’s solid advice for a reason. What happens when you have a fight or break up and things get ugly? Or you simply drift apart?

Things get awkward for everyone.

But sometimes people just don’t care. Attractions cannot be overcome. Some magnetic sorcery takes over and suddenly, BAM! Coupledom.

That’s what happened for 33 TV couples who dated in real life. Well, something like that happened, and it makes sense to a degree.

Two people working in the same industry and/or the same environment day in and day out are bound to have a great deal in common.

It makes for easy pickings. And sometimes leads to even more ultra hot on-screen chemistry than before. (Looking at you, Nian!)

Some of the celebrity couples listed in this sexy gallery worked out and are still together. Others? Well, they weren’t so lucky.

It turns out two people need more than just a shared workspace to stick together for the long haul. Just ask some of them …