29 Most Amazing Tumblr Moments in History

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Tumblr has proved to be an often-hilarious platform for, well, pretty much anything and everything.

Relive some of the very best posts and moments here.

1. It's Jack Black!

It's Jack Black!
The good news? This baby is now an Internet sensation. The bad news? This baby looks just like Jack Black.

2. Oh, Now I Get It...

Oh, Now I Get It...
We'll never look at the number 11 the same way ever again.

3. So Many Questions...

So Many Questions...
... so many hilarious potential answers.

4. The Pillsbury Dough Boy’s Butt Hole

The Pillsbury Dough Boy’s Butt Hole
Whoever thought of this metaphor deserves a Pulitzer Prize.

5. Bad Interior Design

Bad Interior Design
But great idea for a hand towel!

6. Shhh...

Someone apparently read these trucks a bedtime story and gave them a warm glass of milk.

7. Poor Michael Cera

Poor Michael Cera
This may be the greatest theory anyone on the Internet has ever come up with.

8. Mustard on a Dog?

Mustard on a Dog?
You do know the different between a hot dog and, well, just a regular dog, right?

9. 50 Shades of Grain

50 Shades of Grain
You can guess what the prize in this box is, right? A set of handcuffs.

10. Are Feet Shoes?

Are Feet Shoes?
We mean... no, right? Why would they be?

11. Unsafe Selfie

Unsafe Selfie
Who ever said that pointing a camera at yourself and snapping a picture was easy?

12. Italics vs. Italian

Italics vs. Italian
In case be tricky, you must admit.

13. Worst. Dinosaur. Supervisor. Ever.

Worst. Dinosaur. Supervisor. Ever.
Seriously, Phil, step it up next time!

14. When No Just Won't Do...

When No Just Won't Do...
This gets the point across and makes one salivate!

15. Etsy Over eBay

Etsy Over eBay
Seriously. It's crazy what some people are willing to do, isn't it?

16. All About the Eagles

All About the Eagles
Really, why is this so hard to understand? The Bald Eagle is America's bird and everything.

17. Dumbest. Bee. Ever.

Dumbest. Bee. Ever.
Just fly, dude. It's your only job!

18. Are Aliens Real?

Are Aliens Real?
They could just take a visit to Area 51 and find out for sure, couldn't they?

19. Dog Swearing

Dog Swearing
He swears to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the... SQUIRREL!

20. Everything is Big

Everything is Big
It looks like someone is in need of some big help.

21. Silly White Girls

Silly White Girls
Please don't start Twerking, shadow. Please don't start Twerking...

22. Oh, God!

Oh, God!
Really, this is not the work of a Higher Being.

23. Mature for His Age

Mature for His Age
If only this picture could take... we'd never stop listening.


And not of the Bill Murray variety, either. But still hilarious.

25. How Do You Spell "Emancipation?"

How Do You Spell "Emancipation?"
I do proclaim, texting is not easy!

26. Francis and the Prez

Francis and the Prez
Drop His Holiness and beat and let's do this!

27. Comeback of the Century

Comeback of the Century
This post actually IS all it's cracked up to be. Get it?!?

28. People Women

People Women
Target really DOES sell everything.

29. The Chosen One

The Chosen One
This is what God was doing when He wasn't putting chips inside a bottle.

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