22 People That Are Actually Named This

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Bart Simpson has spent many years trying to convince Principal Skinner that Seymour Butts is an actual person to whom he would like to speak.

As far as we know, this isn't the case.

But we've scoured the Internet and come across a handful of people with names that may seem as though they came straight from the mind of Bart...

... yet are 100% real! We swear!

See for yourself below...

1. Dr. Will Tickel

Dr. Will Tickel
Yes he will! And he will also cure what ails you.

2. Jolly Mangina

Jolly Mangina
We mean... yeah. Have you ever met a sad mangina?

3. Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin
Pooh Will Be So Disappointed! No honey for you tonight, Christopher Robin.

4. Charity Beaver

Charity Beaver
We're a family site. Go make a joke on your own time please.

5. Hardy-Harr

Don't laugh! They really are happy and married!

6. Judy Graham Swallows

Judy Graham Swallows
Yeah, but Derek Jeter sucks! Wait... that's not how it goes.

7. Steve Sharts

Steve Sharts
Poor guy. We hope his baseball team provided him with new pants at least.

8. Christian Guy

Christian Guy
Who is that again? We don't know. Just some Christian Guy.

9. Brock Lee

Brock Lee
It's funny... and good for you!

10. Lancelot Supersad

Lancelot Supersad
He must have been cheering for the Yankees. Maybe they'll win next time!

11. Dr. Rick Titball

Dr. Rick Titball
Could be worse. He could be Dr. Rick Nippletesticle.

12. Les McBurney

Les McBurney
If our home ever catches fire, you best be sure we're calling in Les McBurney.

13. Mrs. Weiner and Mrs. Butt

Mrs. Weiner and Mrs. Butt

14. Crystal Methven

Crystal Methven
Shockingly, it doesn't look as if she has a drug problem. Just a cat-selling problem.

15. Bear Trapp

Bear Trapp
And he plays for the Idaho Steelheads. We love it!

16. Vanessa Tobaccojuice

Vanessa Tobaccojuice
You need to be over the age of 18 to be named this, we think.

17. Holden Butts

Holden Butts
Does he have a brother named Seymour?

18. Speed Weed

Speed Weed
Even Ice T is like, "WHAT?!?" And his name is Ice T!

19. Chris P. Bacon

Chris P. Bacon
We like this guy MUCH better than his brother, Flims E. Bacon.

20. Beautiful Existence

Beautiful Existence
This can't be her real name... can it?

21. Saad Maan

Saad Maan
Did his parents somehow see this photo before naming him?

22. Dr. Whet Faartz

Dr. Whet Faartz
No thank you! Please page Dr. Will Tickel for us instead!

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