17 Best Simpsons Episodes!

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It will always be a matter of debate among fans, but here are our 17 favorite episodes from one of TV's most beloved comedies. Surely all Simpsons obsessives will agree that they're all brilliant.

1. Bart gets Hit By a Car (Season 2)

Bart gets Hit By a Car (Season 2)
One of the first episodes to delve into the depths of C. Montgomery Burns' true evil. Better yet, it features the first appearances of Springfield sleazeballs Dr. Nick Riviera and attorney Lionel Hutz (voiced by the late Phil Hartman).

2. Flaming Moe's (Season 3)

Flaming Moe's (Season 3)
An early classic featuring a precursor to sizzurp...and some memorable Cheers references.

3. Homer at the Bat (Season 3)

Homer at the Bat (Season 3)
Burns hires a group of MLB ringers for the company softball team. Still one of the show's most cameo-heavy episodes.

4. The Otto Show (Season 3)

The Otto Show (Season 3)
Bart and Lisa's deadbeat bus driver moves in with the Simpsons. Noteworthy as one of the first episodes to focus mainly on one of Springfield's ancillary characters. There's also a brilliant Spinal Tap cameo.

5. A Streetcar Named Marge (Season 4)

A Streetcar Named Marge (Season 4)
Marge performs in a campy musical version of "A Streetcar Named Desire." For many of us, a first introduction to the Tennessee Williams stage classic.

6. Treehouse of Horror III (Season 4)

Treehouse of Horror III (Season 4)
It was nearly impossible to pick a favorite from the show's iconic Halloween episodes. So we went with this one because it features cursed frozen yogurt.

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