31 TMI Facebook Fails

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Some people should not use the Internet. Ever. See these 31 TMI Facebook fails for proof.

1. 5 O'Clock Somewhere

5 O'Clock Somewhere
Drinking and driving is a really bad idea. Drinking and driving combined with taking a picture and posting to Facebook is even worse.

2. Waxing Philosophic

Waxing Philosophic
Please do not share the after photos of this adventure for the love of Cheez-Its.

3. Vacation Sex

Vacation Sex
The only thing that would have made this exchange better (worse??) would have been a reference to "The Land Down Under." You know, Australia!

4. Cheater Cheater

Cheater Cheater
Hey cheater, RESTRICTED FRIENDS LISTS! Use them! Or, you know, don't cheat. Or at the very least, don't post about it on Facebook.

5. It's a Hemi

It's a Hemi
And by "hemi" we mean hemorrhoids. Ouch!

6. Poor Baby

Poor Baby
This is one of those parents who makes a Facebook profile for their infant, right? Like, it has to be. RIGHT?

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