31 TMI Facebook Fails

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Some people should not use the Internet. Ever. See these 31 TMI Facebook fails for proof.

1. 5 O'Clock Somewhere

5 O'Clock Somewhere
Drinking and driving is a really bad idea. Drinking and driving combined with taking a picture and posting to Facebook is even worse.

2. Waxing Philosophic

Waxing Philosophic
Please do not share the after photos of this adventure for the love of Cheez-Its.

3. Vacation Sex

Vacation Sex
The only thing that would have made this exchange better (worse??) would have been a reference to "The Land Down Under." You know, Australia!

4. Cheater Cheater

Cheater Cheater
Hey cheater, RESTRICTED FRIENDS LISTS! Use them! Or, you know, don't cheat. Or at the very least, don't post about it on Facebook.

5. It's a Hemi

It's a Hemi
And by "hemi" we mean hemorrhoids. Ouch!

6. Poor Baby

Poor Baby
This is one of those parents who makes a Facebook profile for their infant, right? Like, it has to be. RIGHT?

7. Dr. Google

Dr. Google
When Dr. Google fails, turn to Facebook for your medical questions instead of a legit doctor. Get a (bad) lesson in sex ed in the process.

8. He's Innocent

He's Innocent
Look, he might've killed THREE PEOPLE but they TOTALLY DESERVED IT so he's completely innocent. Wait, what??

9. Traffic Stop Selfie

Traffic Stop Selfie
Maybe it's just us, but taking a selfie--and sharing it to Facebook--when you've been pulled over is, well, maybe not a good idea.

10. Risky Business

Risky Business
This is one way to get your kid to stop spending so much time alone in the bathroom.

11. VOMG

WHOA DID NOT NEED TO KNOW THIS! Read the bottom post first.

12. Welcome to Womanhood

Welcome to Womanhood
Someone revoke this woman's access to Facebook. ASAP! STAT! PRONTO! NAOW!

13. Legit Reason to Shoplift?

Legit Reason to Shoplift?
Maybe explaining the situation to the manager would have afforded this woman some sympathy for her shoplifting. (Again, read the bottom post first.)

14. Who Gives a Shart?!

Who Gives a Shart?!
Not us, that's who! See also, guy in blue, you're the problem!

15. Game Over

Game Over
Can you get a new marriage at Walmart? Or a divorce? Like, do they sell those? What aisle? We know a celebrity or 5 who could pick one up.

16. Baby Daddy

Baby Daddy
Hey, she used "whomever" correctly.

17. RIP Happy Feels

RIP Happy Feels
Eyeballs as big as saucers right now. Real talk.

18. Calling All Sex Partners

Calling All Sex Partners
Putting out an all-call for your sex partners over the past SIX MONTHS is...like...that's...wow.

19. Kiss My Nut

Kiss My Nut
So, is he bragging that his wife will do this or insulting her that she couldn't tell the left from the right? Why are we thinking so hard about this right now?

20. Loud Sex

Loud Sex
We've all been here, right? The difference is we talked it out with therapy or drank away the memory instead of posting it to Facebook.

21. Testing! Testing!

Testing! Testing!
She really showed them!

22. Ninja Power!

Ninja Power!
This is probably the same kid whose mother caught him in the bathroom.

23. Last Friday Night

Last Friday Night
So many of us are thanking our lucky stars that all of those nights we don't remember happened pre-Facebook.

24. Tick Tock

Tick Tock
And here we thought you were in there playing Candy Crush...

25. Shark Attack

Shark Attack
We should probably blame JAWS for this.

26. Taco Bell

Taco Bell
Run for the border...errr...BATHROOM.

27. LOL Mom

Someone give this lady a mother of the year award ASAP.

28. Feed the Children

Feed the Children
Because this guy won't. What a jackwagon.

29. Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever
You know you'll be BFF when you share a tube of Vagisil. (Don't do that.)

30. Potty Break

Potty Break
Seriously? They couldn't stop the car? Find a gas station? NOT post it on Facebook?

31. Sex Ed at Hogwarts

Sex Ed at Hogwarts
So THIS is what happens at Hogwarts.

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