16 People Who Forgot They Were Facebook Friends with An Ex

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In the following rundown, we share stories of Facebook users who wrote something about their love life or romantic life...

... only to be reminded that their ex-significant other was still their social media friend.


But also: LOL!

Sorry, but you'd laugh at these examples, too, if you weren't the ones involved in them.

1. Hello?!?

I'm your ex-wife. And I'm RIGHT HERE.

2. It Takes a Liar to Know a Liar

It Takes a Liar to Know a Liar
Dammit. Can't you just go away?

3. Worst Threesome EVER

Worst Threesome EVER
Hey now! Show some manners! Lay off the goatee!

4. Sledding on His Mattress?

Sledding on His Mattress?
Can you please go into far more detail about that part of the story?!?

5. Back Away, Slowly, Dude

Back Away, Slowly, Dude
You may have touched on a sensitive subject here.

6. A Little Grammer Can Go a Long Way

A Little Grammer Can Go a Long Way
It's, like, too bad, that this person, found this out, the hard, way, don't, you, agree?

7. Come Again, Jackson?

Come Again, Jackson?
And again and again, for all your exes care. The entire thing will still take a minute, tops.

8. This One is Subtle

This One is Subtle
But look at the title of the video her ex shared in response to her question.

9. Too Easy to Hack

Too Easy to Hack
One drink and everyone can be Wikileaks when it comes to [name redacted].

10. Oh, THAT Guy?

Oh, THAT Guy?
You don't want to be that guy, Lex.

11. Oh... F-ck

Oh... F-ck
This guy just lost a girl AND a video game system.

12. This Escalated Quickly

This Escalated Quickly
We're scared.

13. I'm Free!

I'm Free!
Yes, free to get fingered by more dudes! #CheatingBurn!

14. Yeah, But

Yeah, But
That's basically the entire comeback here.

15. Just Loving Pokemon Would Be One Thing...

Just Loving Pokemon Would Be One Thing...
... but combined it with the other thing and it was too much.

16. We'll Always Have Walmart

We'll Always Have Walmart
I'll see you there, hon.

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