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There are few feelings worse in the world than learning your significant other is cheating on you.

So can you imagine the shock, pain and anger you’d feel if you actually walked in on said significant other and another man in bed?

That’s exactly what happened to a Facebook user named Duston Holloway.

Yet… he somehow resisted the urge to yell, scream, beat the guy up or throw his girlfriend’s belongings all around the room.

Instead, he calmly took note of the situation and snapped a bunch of photos of the pair between the sheets.

He then shared these images on Facebook, partly to shame his lying girlfriend, but partly (we hope) to take pride in how he handled the situation.

Scroll through the photos below, take a look at the responses Duston has received and maybe send Holloway some naked pics, hot ladies of the Internet. The guy totally deserves them.