14 Times Kate Middleton Did Not Approve of Your Christmas Gifts

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The Duchess of Cambridge is perhaps one of the kindest and most down-to-earth members of the royal family, perhaps because she herself comes from commoner roots.

Let's imagine, however, that Her Royal Highness got a little too comfortable in her position as future consort, and displayed her taste for the good life in the most garish way possible.

Let's see, shall we?

1. You Brought Me Flowers. Again.

You Brought Me Flowers. Again.
Is there somewhere I could have a lie down?

2. It's sparkly, one supposes.

It's sparkly, one supposes.
The next one will most likely give me carpal tunnel.

3. Rude.

Christmas is canceled on account of you mouth breathers.

4. Good Heavens

Good Heavens
Do you have any priceless bottles lying around?

5. SOS

Where's that sodding drinks cart?

6. It's Been A Very Long Season.

It's Been A Very Long Season.
Does being a tribute come with a nap?

7. Oh, Drats.

Oh, Drats.
Everything is the worst!

8. Really!

Next, he'll suggest we abolish the monarchy.

9. That's just tacky

That's just tacky
If they need cash for gifts, they should sell one of the stable boys.

10. MINE!

What the hell are we going to do with this?

11. Is It Gross?

Is It Gross?
Maybe James can do something with it.

12. Did a Child Put That Together?

Did a Child Put That Together?
Awful job. Really, just the most crap thing I've ever seen.

13. Do You Have Same-Day Shipping?

Do You Have Same-Day Shipping?
Do you have any shipping at all?

14. He did. He Absolutely Did.

He did.  He Absolutely Did.
I am the victim here, William.

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