Amber Portwood: Andrew Glennon is a Liar and He Broke My Heart!

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This summer has been a weird one for Amber Portwood.

Mostly because she started it with a precious little family but then right on the ding dang Fourth of July, she ruined it all by assaulting boyfriend Andrew Glennon while he held their baby in his arms.

Well, by "allegedly" assaulting him.

Yep, Amber is speaking out about what happened now, and her version of events are pretty different than the one we heard from Andrew ...

1. Here We Go

Here We Go
What happened between Amber and Andrew ... well, it wasn't pretty, that's for sure.

2. Memories

And we know you've probably heard this story several times already, but just for the sake of painting a complete picture, let's run through it one more time, OK?

3. That Fateful Night

That Fateful Night
Things weren't perfect between Amber and Andrew, but they were going all right up until the Fourth of July. Amber wanted to take baby James to see some fireworks, but there were some traffic issues that prevented them from going.

4. Oh

And instead of planning a different route to go see those fireworks or finding another place to watch them, she just flipped the heck out.

5. The Assault Begins

The Assault Begins
They got home, and according to Andrew, she started beating him with a shoe -- Amber has admitted there was some shoe action, but she's said it was really no big deal.

6. Out of There

Out of There
After that happened, Andrew said that he took James and they drove around for a few hours before coming back home with dinner and a present for Amber -- but she was still upset.

7. Not Good

Not Good
He claimed that she told him she was going to kill herself and even took a handful of pulls, but she threw them up when he threatened to call 911.

8. Wow

Later, she got so angry that she (allegedly!) went for a machete she keeps by the bed, like you do, and chased him with it. He was still holding James, and he ran to another room and closed the door. He held it shut with his foot while he texted 911.

9. The Arrest

The Arrest
Police arrived and arrested her, and she ended up being charged with three felonies. She hasn't been sentenced yet, but honestly, things aren't looking that great for her.

10. Later, Gator

Later, Gator
That goes for custody stuff, too -- Andrew is done with her, and he's doing everything in his power to protect his son. Right now, Amber only has supervised visitation with James, and Andrew has requested to move with him back home to California.

11. What Next?

What Next?
In the two months since all this went down, Andrew has been open about his feelings on everything. He's said that he really did want a family with Amber, tha they'd even thought of having more children together, but that James' safety is the most important thing and he clearly doesn't feel like he's safe around Amber.

12. Not So Much

Not So Much
Amber, meanwhile, has been posting lots of vague quotes like "so heartbroken" and "why?" on Instagram -- she really hasn't talked specifically about what happened at all.

13. Fair Though

Fair Though
Which makes sense -- she's got a criminal case and a custody case going on, she's probably been advised not to go running her mouth on social media like she's been known to do in the past.

14. However ...

However ...
But apparently she was able to speak out about everything in her interview with Dr. Drew for the Teen Mom OG reunion, and that's what we're going to be talking about today.

15. Amber's Story

Amber's Story
Yes, in the safe, strong arms of Dr. Drew, Amber was finally able to defend herself against Andrew's ongoing claims against her.

16. Ugh

In one part of the interview, she was shown the footage from the Teen Mom OG season finale, the part that detailed the arrest, and she had something to say about the fact that Andrew texted 911 -- the texting is a new service in Amber's area, and it's honestly pretty brilliant.

17. "bY tHe WaY"

"bY tHe WaY"
“A text message, by the way, I just want to point that out real quick to everybody. But I ran after him with a machete?" she said. “I’m gonna tell you what, if someone’s coming after me with something like that, I’m calling the f-cking police and running out the door.”

18. Cool, Cool

Cool, Cool
We assume a big reason, if not the main reason, the 911 texting feature was introduced was to make it so that victims of domestic violence could reach out for help without alerting their abuser, which seems to be why Andrew texted instead of called, but sure, Amber, tell us more about what you would do had you been the one chased with a machete.

19. Oh, The Narcism

Oh, The Narcism
She was asked why Andrew would say those things if they weren't true, and she said “There’s some narcissism here that I can’t comprehend at the moment.” Or, well, she actually called it "narcism," but that's what she tried to say.

20. It Gets Messier!

It Gets Messier!
“If it takes you less than two weeks to ask a woman to come to Indiana,” she added. “I’ve already talked to her. She’s a good person, very nice. She’s very sweet, very sweet person.”

21. Poor Amber

Poor Amber
But while she says that Andrew already has a new girl, this whole thing has “completely ripped my heart out," especially since her relationship with Gary Shirley ended in such a similar way.

22. Honestly

You would think that would be a wakeup call, right? If you assaulted the father of your child, got arrested for it, ended up going to prison and losing him forever, then a few years later meet another guy and do that whole exact same thing again, minus the prison part (for now)? Not for Amber!

23. Prison Talk

Prison Talk
“I literally opted out of drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself," she said, reminding everyone of what she seems to think is the most noble thing anyone has ever done.

24. OK

“Why would I jeopardize… you haven’t heard sh-t from me since then. Haven’t gotten in trouble one time, but all of the sudden I’m running after my kid and him with a machete? You’re insane!”

25. Um ...

Um ...
But the thing is that we definitely have heard sh-t from her? She hasn't been arrested since she was released from prison, but that certainly doesn't mean she hasn't done anything concerning.

26. Sketchy

There were about a billion red flags in her relationship with Matt Baier -- there were plenty of rumors that she was violent with him, and he even halfway admitted it a few times.

27. Interesting

And she's admitted herself that when they were on Marriage Boot Camp, she wasn't sober -- remember, addiction has always been a huge issue for her.

28. Well ...

Well ...
Many people believe that she doesn't seem sober now, either.

29. Working It Out?

Working It Out?
At the end of Amber's interview, MTV added in some text to explain that “After this interview was recorded, Amber and Andrew’s legal teams began working towards a resolution. We look forward to hearing from Amber and Andrew in the near future.”

30. Hmm ...

Hmm ...
But even though they may be working together to do what's best for little James, it's pretty clear that Andrew has no interest in being with her, or in letting James be alone with her, which is probably for the best.

31. What a Ride

What a Ride
Can't wait to see what happens next -- though we have to say, we hope it's at least a long, long course of anger management.

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