Amber Portwood: Andrew Glennon is a Liar and He Broke My Heart!

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This summer has been a weird one for Amber Portwood.

Mostly because she started it with a precious little family but then right on the ding dang Fourth of July, she ruined it all by assaulting boyfriend Andrew Glennon while he held their baby in his arms.

Well, by "allegedly" assaulting him.

Yep, Amber is speaking out about what happened now, and her version of events are pretty different than the one we heard from Andrew ...

1. Here We Go

Here We Go
What happened between Amber and Andrew ... well, it wasn't pretty, that's for sure.

2. Memories

And we know you've probably heard this story several times already, but just for the sake of painting a complete picture, let's run through it one more time, OK?

3. That Fateful Night

That Fateful Night
Things weren't perfect between Amber and Andrew, but they were going all right up until the Fourth of July. Amber wanted to take baby James to see some fireworks, but there were some traffic issues that prevented them from going.

4. Oh

And instead of planning a different route to go see those fireworks or finding another place to watch them, she just flipped the heck out.

5. The Assault Begins

The Assault Begins
They got home, and according to Andrew, she started beating him with a shoe -- Amber has admitted there was some shoe action, but she's said it was really no big deal.

6. Out of There

Out of There
After that happened, Andrew said that he took James and they drove around for a few hours before coming back home with dinner and a present for Amber -- but she was still upset.

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