13 Shows That Need to End Right NOW

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These shows were great at one point. 

But nowadays they're just circling the drain, preventing the inevitable. 

They should be put out of their misery before they are remembered as some of the worst shows around. 


1. Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy
The series is entering a record-breaking 16th season at ABC, and despite a few good episodes, the series is starting to circle the drain. Ratings are starting to reflect the quality of the show, and it's not in a good place creatively. It would be wise to bring the show to a close and allow the cast to move on to new projects.

2. Riverdale

Riverdale started off well, with a coherent murder mystery. By the time Season 3 arrived, there were floating babies, teenagers running nightclubs, and underground boxing fights. It's turned into a laughing stock and needs to end.

3. Arrow

Arrow should not even be getting a short final season to wrap the story up. The writing has been abysmal on the show for around four years, and the ratings are dropping like a rock. The show could be wrapped up in a throwaway scene on one of the spinoffs.

4. Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead
As if killing off most of the original cast was not bad enough, the fifth season put the characters in a radiation-filled wasteland, and they made some more bad decisions. The scenes drag on for dear life as a result of the pitiful dialog. It's time to go go.

5. Suits

Suits has been circling the drain for years, to the point that nobody would care if USA Network decided to ditch the final season entirely. Nothing worth noting has happened since Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams ditched it.

6. How to Get Away with Murder

How to Get Away with Murder
This convoluted series which follows essentially the same format every single season should have been a one-season thing. The most recent fifth season was not only embarrassing to watch, but it proved the characters are getting dumber with age.

7. Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies
There was a lot of confusion about HBO's decision to bring the series back, but even the addition of Meryl Streep could not save the series from the dreaded sophomore slump.

8. Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Keeping Up with the Kardashians
What do we learn from this series that we don't already learn from social media? Everything is revealed months in advance, and by the time it plays out on-screen, it feels like old news. The show has lasted way too long.

9. The Hills: New Beginnings

The Hills: New Beginnings
By the time The Hills ended, it was a chore to watch. Nothing exciting was happening, and the cast members were definitely struggling to remember their lines. This reboot started well, but it quickly imploded thanks to the tired storylines and the underwhelming cast.

10. 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why
The first season was bad enough, but the second season was even worse. Now there's a third season coming, and a fourth already in production. Yikes.

11. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
There's no show without Lisa Vanderpump. There, we said it. Without a drastic revamp in the cast, it is no longer worth watching. A good way to try to save it would be to add Nicollette Sheridan as an adversary for Lisa Rinna.

12. Dancing with the Stars

Dancing with the Stars
This veteran ABC reality series was good for a time, but viewers are getting tired of the better dancers getting the boot. It needs to have one last dance, and close the ballroom for good.

13. Shameless

With Emmy Rossum out, there's really no reason to continue watching the show. Ten seasons is a long run, but there's no denying that the show hasn't been good in years.

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