13 REALLY Awkward Wedding Photos

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We can't help but cringe AND laugh while looking at these wedding photos. They are just so awkward!

1. Get a Room!

Get a Room!
Okay, you probably have a room. Well... wait until later and continue this then!

2. Whoa There!

Whoa There!
The bride's reaction says it all, doesn't it? What is going on here?!?

3. I Can't Watch This...

I Can't Watch This...
We're sorry, but it's true: old people kissing are gross.

4. Getting to Second Base

Getting to Second Base
Dude, you're totally gonna go all the way home tonight!

5. Pucker Up... Mom

Pucker Up... Mom
They do say that some women love a mama's boy, right?

6. Wedding Night Preview

Wedding Night Preview
Some couples just can't wait until their honeymoon. Or until they're alone.

7. You Can Stop Kissing the Bride Now

You Can Stop Kissing the Bride Now
Really, this has gone on long enough.

8. Motorboat Reservation

Motorboat Reservation
Vince Vaughn has nothing on this groom!

9. Is It Over Yet?

Is It Over Yet?
Can I turn around? Just tell me when, okay?

10. We Have No Idea What's Going On Here

We Have No Idea What's Going On Here
And we don't really want to know.

11. Get Off Me!

Get Off Me!
No one said they would be kissing in this marriage.

12. I Thought This Was My Dad

I Thought This Was My Dad
Come on, Mom and Dad. Please.

13. Look at Them Go!

Look at Them Go!
When will they come up for air?!?

14. Bridesmaid Fail!

Bridesmaid Fail!
Oops! This bridesmaid passed out at the exact moment the bride kissed the groom. HA!

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