9 Times North West Flipped Her Sh**

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As the oldest of three, I'm familiar with feeling jealous of new additions to the family.

North West, who turns 3 this month, is reportedly acting out to the point where her parents, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, believe a therapist might help their daughter work through her issues.

That seems like a reasonable solution to dealing with a toddler.

Most parents put their little monsters in a time-out and teach her that tantrums aren't cool, but hey...do what needs to be done.

"North has been throwing some serious tantrums and Kim and Kanye do not know what to do," a source told OK! Magazine.

"North is used to being the center of attention and daddy's little girl.

"The birth of Saint has been really, really hard on her," the source added.

"She is not reacting well to how much attention he is already getting from the rest of the family.”

Let's explore nine times that North West had herself a good, old-fashioned sh*t fit.

1. I Was Told There Would Be Treats

I Was Told There Would Be Treats
"Good treats, not this toxic waste you're trying to feed me!"

2. Stop With The Selfies

Stop With The Selfies
"Jesus, Kim. I said STOP."

3. My God, He Farted Again

My God, He Farted Again
"I realize people pay good money to see you in person, but I must insist you heed my bodygard's advice and step away from North West."

4. Why Are We Posing? We Look So Stupid

Why Are We Posing?  We Look So Stupid
"The camera is where? I'm a little more concerned that I look like a Muppet reject."

5. What F*** Is Snapchat?

What F*** Is Snapchat?
"Again with the photos, Kim. Christ."

6. Can't A Girl Lie Around In Her Fur Coat Without That Phone In Her Face?

"I will break that phone, Kim. I will take it, soak it in apple juice then throw it from our private plane, so help me..."

7. I Will NOT Fly Commercial

You'll have to drag me on this Frozen suitcase if you want to get me on that plane. I don't care if we have First Class seats.

8. OMG I'm So Shocked To See That Phone!

OMG I'm So Shocked To See That Phone!
"JK, you f***ing quack."

9. What's an "Anna Wintour?"

What's an "Anna Wintour?"
"And does it give out snacks? My blood sugar is cah-razy right now."

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