11 Stars Who May Very Well Have Served You Fries

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Not all celebrities were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

In fact, some actually handed plastic spoons off to patrons at McDonald's or Burger King. That's right: the following big names worked at fast food restaurants long before they headlines movies or concerts.

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1. James Franco

James Franco holds down like 12 jobs at the moment, from actor to writer to poet. But he flipped burgers McDonald's, working the late shift, when he dropped out of college years ago.

2. Rachel McAdams

McAdams worked at McDonald’s for three years prior to making it big in Hollywood with Mean Girls. She says she once broke the orange juice machine.

3. Pink

Pink was a proud employee at multiple fast food chains in Pennsylvania prior to her singing career enabling her to pay the bills. And then some.

4. Seal

Seal is on record as saying McDonald's was the worst job he ever had. But the singer did go on to marry Heidi Klum (prior to their divorce), so life hasn't been too shabby for him.

5. Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell
As soon as Andie MacDowell was old enough to work, she got a part-time job at a McDonald’s in South Carolina. We loved her in Groundhog Day!

6. Macy Gray

Macy Gray
Macy Gray did not have the same experience as Seal. She appeared in a commercial for McDonald's in 2006, sharing the great time she had working there back in the day.

7. Star Jones

Yup, Star Jones worked as a fry cook at McDonald's. She went on to graduate from American University before becoming a lawyer and appearing on The View.

8. Greg Mathis

Greg Mathis
Now known as Judge Mathis, Greg's story is different than most: he worked as McDonald's after being released from prison, saying it was the first time he ever earned money legally.

9. Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone
Prior to spreading her legs in Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone spread hamburger buns and put some secret sauce in there for customers.

11. Jay Leno

Long before being terribly unfunny as host of The Tonight Show, Leno worked at McDonald's in Massachusetts.

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