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Every other year, Q Scores – a company that polls Americans on everything from politics to brand preferences – releases a list of celebrities whose reputations have taken the hardest hits in the past 24 months.

The survey is informally dubbed “the most hated list,” but it’s actually a measure of who’s had the farthest fall from grace.

Basically, every major celeb is assigned a Q score based on their popularity. The celebs whose Q scores have dropped the most in the past two years have the dubious honor ending up on this list.

This year’s survey not only tells us who’s experienced the greatest reversal of fortune, it also gives us a pretty good sense of who’s the most divisive or just generally the most-disliked by the American public (though there are certainly some surprises on the list). 

Take a look at the top (or bottom) ten to see if you agree. We think you’ll agree that there’s no arguing with the number one spot: