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We Win!
Jossip Boycott stops Ann Coulter, not our inflated sense of self-importance

Despite using all the racist euphemisms at her disposal, Ann Coulter’s new book is a bomb, and not in the da’ bumb sense:

The latest tome by right-wing scribe Ann Coulter, If Democrats Had Any Brains They???d Be Republicans, hasn???t caught fire with book buyers.

The title spent just four weeks on The New York Times??? best-seller list???compared with 12 for her previous book???and has sold 97,000 copies in the last 10 weeks, according to Nielsen BookScan, which tracks about 70% of the market.

Ms. Coulter???s last effort, Godless, sold 233,000 copies over the same time span???

We promised we’d stop reporting Ann Coulter’s antics, but her failures are another matter.

Dec 18, 2007 · Link · 1 Reponse

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kerry zaputz says:

Since when is a book that remains on the NY Times bestseller list for 4 weeks considered a bomb?

Posted: Dec 18, 2007 at 9:25 pm

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