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Because it was too long to fit in a Facebook status update

So many in-the-know email lists, so much room in our spam filter. It seems that just like blogs, these newsletters (don’t let them hear you call them that!) are popping up every day. So which of the top of the crop do we hand our email address over to? Our current email newsletter subscription status is as follows.

DailyCandy: Unsubscribed, sometime last year. Found it less and less the top dog in its space. And cutesy illustrations are so 2006.

Thrillist: Subscribed to New York, Los Angeles, and National editions. Delete all three almost every morning without opening them. Today’s New York edition was about Stickk, a website where you make binding contracts with your friends to fulfill promises. We don’t need this irrelevant stress.

UrbanDaddy: Subscribed to New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Jet Set and “National” editions. Open almost every email and usually find useful food and nightlife options, but a roving capsule hotel above Paris? No spanks.

Very Short List: Unsubscribed. Like we need another reason to think about Barry Diller everyday.

New York City Nonsense: (Very recently) unsubscribed. The latest about bike advocacy, Brooklyn loft parties, and bizarre art shows, this list is sent to discerning Brooklyn hipsters and/or NYU seniors without an established circle. For anyone who hates the L or has a real social life, trekking out to Bushwick for a random forest-themed party becomes more trouble than it???s worth it. Which is why it took us until last week to ditch our subscription.

Haute Look: Unsubscribed. But not by choice. They never accepted our subscription application. They must be VERY exclusive! You know, in the way that A Small World isn’t.

Jan 18, 2008 · Link · Respond

When it comes to finding out whether the new lounge at the Gramercy Park Hotel is open yet (it is) or whether the Cain Estate in the Hamptons is really worth checking out before summer’s end (likely not), there are plenty of places to turn to. There’s layman stalwart Shecky’s, trying-to-be-trendy Thrillist, and hipper-than-thou UrbanDaddy. But with a broadband Internet connection, some may approach approach online culture guides the way they do porn: still images just aren’t doing it for ‘em anymore. Enter video — and enter CODE.TV.

Launched publicly a mere two months ago, Code’s flagship New York edition is already flanked by Hamptons coverage and, as of last week, a full-blown Los Angeles edition (which the publicity team at Freud managed to get The Hollywood Reporter to weigh in on). Its editorial mix is nothing but glowing praise of whatever is being covered, from Pink Elephant’s reincarnation to Knife + Fork’s East Village Euro offerings. And given that Code bills itself as “the first television network for wealthy 25-49 year old urbanites … who want and can afford a red-carpet style lifestyle,” we had to know more — so we sat down for a Soho House lunch with founders Joseph Varet and Morgan Hertzan for a little chat on how they plan to become the DailyCandy of their space. Which might be hard, given that they’re in DailyCandy’s space.


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