The Fox Business Channel WILL Launch, It's Just a Matter of WHEN

Everyone – everyone! – is in a tizzy about just when this Fox Business Channel will launch. Sure, Rupert Murdoch just inked a deal with Time Warner that says – should the channel every launch – the cable operator will carry it into its 13 million homes. And already, News Corp. arranged with Comcast to bring the channel into the company's 24 million homes. But still, there's no biz channel. Now if you've got a first-grade level of math, you'll understand those two deals alone bring us to 37 million homes, or seven million more than the figure News Corp. has been saying it would require to even think about launching. All of which means two things: 1) Conde Nast's Portfolio is already working on an in-depth piece; and 2) Business reporters far and wide are chomping to get on the bandwagon. As we already saw, the Wall Street Journal's Julia Angwin and her editor Richard Turner took a pounding on Fox News for their supposed haphazard and premature reporting on when the channel would launch ("imminent" was the word of choice), and then, just yesterday AdAge's Claire Atkinson was prophesizing that "observers are predicting a midyear launch date, but in reality few people really know when the service might start. One observer suggested April 15 be a good time to begin." Sure, April 15 might be tax day, but also: It's a Sunday. No business channel should be launching on the one day each week reserved for i-bankers to blow their bonuses. Then again, this is the same Claire Atkinson who said that Fox "told folks they're expecting the launch this month" — back in June.