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Tamsin Lonsdale RSVPs for New York

When you got over the sweat running down your brow and pushed hard enough to make your way to the truffle oil-infused cheese being served in the other room, you might have found yourself enjoying Supper Club New York, imported from London, which launched last night at the National Arts Club, a building whose age and austerity were used as the excuse for zero air movement.

Allegedly stuffed with 300 media and social elite, the OW! Onorato Wixom-thrown event drew people we’d expect to see there, like Out’s Aaron Hicklin, and those we wouldn’t, like the girl who tried designing handbags before opting to spend the project’s start-up money traveling through Germany and Argentina. As it turned out, she was just someone’s plus-one.


Oct 24, 2007 · Link · Respond