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Stalking Shia Labeouf

Shia Labeouf’s Facebook profile adds about 20-40 friends per day. Shia Labeouf’s Facebook profile adds new photos of Shia Labeouf constantly. Shia Labeouf’s Facebook profile updates Shia Labeouf’s status about as often as you see popstar vagina. Shia Labeouf’s Facebook profile joins Facebook groups like “FREE LINDSAY LOHAN” and “Idk My Bff Rose?”

We’re inclined to believe Shia Labeouf’s Facebook profile might actually belong to Shia Labeouf, even after he announced he was going to create a private Shia Labeouf Facebook profile just for his real friends.

Rather than rely on Page Six sightings, we’d prefer all celebrities to clue us in to their daily goings-on via Facebook profile status updates. So as a thank you to Shia, or whoever is logging in to the account, for keeping us in the loop, let us present Stalking Shia Labeouf: As of 5:48pm yesterday, Shia was “Havin the worse day EVER,” which updated his previous status from Sunday at 3:28am when Shia was “Partin it up.” Before that, on Saturday at 9:38pm, Shia was “Itchin his eye.”

Web 2.0 is totes awesome.

Sep 19, 2007 · Link · Repond

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