O.J. Simpson Would Love to Read You AP Copy About the Space Shuttle’s Launch

O.J. Simpson Would Love to Read You AP Copy About the Space Shuttle’s Launch
Rather than say another damn thing about Paris Hilton
June 11th, 2007

Noted media critic and sometime murder defendant O.J. Simpson is certainly one to weigh in on the media’s obsession with celebrity. Rather than brush off Editor & Publisher’s questions about Paris Hilton’s media orgy like he does with most outlets when they call for a quote, he whipped out the cell-y and responded to their request on the way back from 18 holes.

“When Paris Hilton was going to jail last week,” says Simpson, “more people knew about that than knew that we were sending people into space that day. It has replaced what is real news. There was always a place for it, but it was [gossip writer] Rona Barrett. Now it is the equivalent of Edward R. Murrow reporting it today.”

Reports E&P:

Simpson said he has responded to media inquiries by asking why the reporter in question is not focused on more important news. He cited a recent request from a Miami journalist for a comment after the Louisville incident [where O.J. was asked to leave a restaurant during the Kentucky Derby], when he supposedly told the reporter, “If you can tell me how many people died in Fallujah in Iraq yesterday, I will talk to you. He couldn’t.”

Just imagine if there had been blogs back during O.J.’s case! The horror of having to know how many children are dying in Darfur just to get a soundbite about those small gloves.

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No. 1 NoAvatarAtAll says:

If you can tell me how many people I killed in Brentwood…..uhhh

Posted: Jun 11, 2007 at 6:02 pm
No. 2 Celeb Warship - Taking aim at everyone. Daily Link Dump at says:

[…] What does OJ Simpson think about Paris Hilton? Not a lot; he doesn’t exactly care for skinny blonde bitches. [Jossip] […]

Posted: Jun 11, 2007 at 8:59 pm

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