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Daily News To Sarah Jessica Parker: Love Your Clothing Line, Hate Your Clothes

With Sarah Jessica Parker’s new collection, Bitten, set for release, fashion critics everywhere are praising the actress for designing chic clothes at affordable prices. Even the unforgiving fashionistas at the Daily News give Parker’s new line the thumbs up, though they’re also quick to remind us that SJP herself is none other than a walking faux pas.

Tonight, Sarah Jessica Parker and New York’s fashion finest will celebrate the actress’ new collection, Bitten, at a swanky party in Chelsea…

A better reason to celebrate: Nothing looks like anything SJP would ever wear.

Let’s face it. No one really wants to look like Sarah Jessica Parker. The mutton-dressed-as-lamb styles that thrilled and shocked the country during “Sex and the City” never quite found their way into a normal woman’s wardrobe. And all that chiffon and pouffy satin she wears on the red carpet? Smart, stylish New Yorkers stay far, far away from such over-the-top getups.

Ouch. In other words, the most redeeming quality of Sarah Jessica Parker’s “Bitten” collection is the fact that it would never find its way into Parker’s own closet.

Or at least that’s what we think they’re trying to say.

(We’re still distracted by the phrase “mutton-dressed-as-lamb styles,” and unsure of what “the flesh of fully grown sheep” has to do with fashion).

May 25, 2007 · Link · 4 Responses