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Marie Osmond, what a gal. Despite losing her father last week, she was back to her absurdly optimistic self on Larry King last night. Talking about the voters problems with John Kennedy???s religion in relation to Mitt Romney, Marie said, ???I hope we???ve grown up since then. I hope people look at the person and what they???ve done.??? Her brother???s facial expression speaks to the larger social political reality.

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Even since Dennis Crowley let us stalk our frenemies via text messaging on Dodgeball and PayPal gave us the opportunity to pay our rent boys via SMS, it’s about damn time we were able to satiate our post-bar munchies just by flipping open our Razr.

Mobo is a free service that brings a whole new level of purpose and meaning to texting????????food. The initial setup and navigation on the site are a little hairy, but the payoff is smooth. Hit up their list of participating restaurants (don’t expect sushi and Shake Shack yet, they’re still in beta mode). Create and save “favorite” orders????????for example, “1″ might be your prime shell steak with mashed potatoes from Benvenuto, “2″ might be two glazed donuts and a coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts (trust us, there’s nothing more satisfying than texting in a donut order).

Then the next time you can’t stand the thought of making another single new decision, just text that number to 4MOBO (46626) and the order will be sent. You’ll get a text back when it’s ready for pickup (you get to cut the lines)????????or have it delivered to any number of addresses via letter codes (”1w” for your work address, “1h” for home, “1a” for Anya’s…).

Our first request for new eatery adds: S’mac, Amici Pizza, and, if nothing else, we’d love to ping THOR for a Hemingway Daiquiri. In version 2.0, we summarily expect to let a text message suffice for standing in line at Cain.

SMS Your Burger [UrbanDaddy]

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