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Media Blitz: Lydia Hearst-Shaw ‘Can’t Think Of Anything Less Fun Than Getting Groped At Fashion Shows Running A Newspaper’

March 16th, 2007

• Lydia Hearst-Shaw would much rather prance around in an itsy-bitsy gold bikini than do something totally unfun, like, say, running a newspaper.

• Katie Couric’s lackluster ratings can all be explained by…the “triangle hand” thing.

• Bill Clinton accuses the NYT of hating Hillary. The Times insists they like Hill, but admit they find her “a bit frigid.”

• The LAT hires prankster/producer Brian Grazer, raising two questions. #1: Why? And, #2: How long until Grazer slips a framed picture of himself onto their mantle?

• Meanwhile, former LAT publisher takes a job under Ron Burkle, promises not to make any “more like Ron URKEL” jokes.

• Sumner Redstone is suing YouTube. But he’s also wheeling and dealing with them. Talk about “March Madness!”

• We want Sam Zell’s bid to be accepted by Tribune. Mainly because, well, we don’t want to write about this anymore.

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No. 1
John says:

that was a 30 million dollar gold bikini

Posted: Mar 16, 2007 at 5:02 pm

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