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Media Blitz: Another Absolute Waste of Time

Absolute resurrects itself just in time to waste someone else’s money. Doesn’t the luxe market know it’s all online? [WWD]

Kit Seelye weighs in on the newspaper circulation reports, with little or nothing new to say. [NYT]

• Is Tribune faking a sale of the LAT to placate the Chandler family? How disappointed David Geffen will be. [NYP]

Reese and Ryan split? Keith Urban heads to rehab? Closing dates laugh in their faces! [WWD]

• Dave Price will continue getting up at the ass crack of dawn for CBS. [TV Week]

Times columnist Thomas Friedman is rich, which makes him the enemy. Or did we miss the point of Norman Solomon’s critique? [HuffPo]

Barry Diller makes it big by going small. [NYT]

Oct 31, 2006 · Link · Repond

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