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Lauer Forgets To Buckle Up For Safety; Blames Oversight On Stress, Momentary Lapse Of Judgment And Mitt Romney Telling Him Seatbelts Are ‘Totally Uncool’

Yesterday, Matt Lauer committed a car-interview faux pas when he neglected to wear a seatbelt while interviewing Mitt Romney during Today’s “On The Trail” segment. In fact, neither men buckled up, possibly because the SUV in which the interview took place was not outfitted with one of those annoying celebrity infomercials (”We’re ready to rummmmmmmmble….for safety!”) Giuliani implemented to protect the citizens of New York piss the hell out of New York cab drivers.

And, as TVNewswer points out, Lauer’s oversight was particularly noteworthy given that he’d interviewed fellow seatbelt-hater Governor Corzine only a few weeks back.

The website reports:

“After the piece aired this morning, Lauer told his audience that even though New Hampshire doesn’t have a mandatory seat belt law, he set the wrong example by not wearing one,” the AP notes. “The Romney campaign issued a statement with a similar apology…”

Meanwhile, after being reminded that he was a role model for America’s youth,* Lauer was also censured for his prematurely thinning hair, his early-stage love handles and his penchant for telling poop stories.

*Who never miss an episode of Today!

May 31, 2007 · Link · Repond

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