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CNN Breaks The News That Kissing Is a big deal

First base isn???t just for baseball players anymore reports CNN. Apparently tongue kissing is a big part of successful relationships. And there???s scientific research to back that up! Real people have even ended relationships based on bad kissing. And just in case you???re not convinced that kissing is important, there’s a slide show of important kisses, including that make out scene in the Lady and the Tramp.

Hey Pulitzer committee, are you paying attention? This is a huge story.

Dec 4, 2007 · Link · Respond

• This is the story of a boy with a dream. A dream, and a alcohol induced band name. [NYM]

• This is how we’re supposed to spread American culture around the world? With Gene Simmons? That’s it. We’re done for. [Cindy Adams]

• Some lady who wrote a book about Clay Aiken is suing the “celebrity” for saying that she lied about him. Yeah, we’re not really following either. [AP]

• Oh, and uh, speaking of Kiss … didn’t all their fans died in a fire of irrelevancy or something? [AOL]

• This isn’t so much a news piece, as much as it is undeniable proof that we’re horrible people. And that Barry Manilow is really, really old. [AP]

Aug 7, 2006 · Link · Respond