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Julia Allison Finds a Masthead to Lay In

March 16th, 2007

If you’ve seen Men’s Health editor Dave Zinczenko flirt with Lester Holt or Al Roker on the Today show – and why does it always seem like he’s talking to the dudes about girl topics? – then you’ll know that he’s quite the charmer.

Which might explain why serial dater (hey, it was her job) Julia Allison has become quite smitten with The Z. We’re told Dave and the now-former amNew York dating scribe have been seeing each other off and on for a few months, though “it’s not really a secret,” says a source. In fact, Zinc even tagged along to Julia’s appearance on FNC’s Red Eye a few weeks ago. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be doing much talking about their romance — as he wants to keep things quiet about his personal life. (Just ask BFF Rachel Sklar!)

Since we were prying into her personal life, we paid Julia the favor of asking for comment, to which she replied: “I really can???t comment except to say that I think Dave is fabulous and deserves every minute of Today show time he gets.”

The twosome are, meanwhile, dating other people; Julia had a fling with Heroes actor Milo Ventimiglia, we’re told. But don’t think any of that will get in the way of aspirations to be the next Candace Bushnell. Because they won’t.

No, really.

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No. 1
booboo says:

He’s hot; she’s hot.

Posted: Mar 16, 2007 at 4:46 pm

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